Metal Detecting a 1890s homesite CRAWLSPACE
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Thread: Metal Detecting a 1890s homesite CRAWLSPACE

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    Feb 2012
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    Metal Detecting a 1890's homesite CRAWLSPACE

    Went under the home in an 18 inch crawlspace and found 1800's coins!!!
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    Jun 2012
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    sweet finds....that v nickel was in great shape. just a reminder to VERY careful crawling over electrical lines,they can KILL you!!

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    thanx for the video. Fun watching. It always seems counter-intuitive to detect UNDER houses (or buildings etc...). Because logically speaking, you'd think "no one recreates or spends time UNDER houses or buildings. So why the heck bother?". But there are sometimes coins that post-date the construction of buildings, underneath. And here's why:

    What position is anyone (as rare as it may be) who goes under a house/crawl space like, that required to be in? ON THEIR BELLY CRAWLING. Of course. So as any plumber or electrician who does a lot of work in those places will agree, that is the prime way to have stuff spill out of your pockets. A friend of mine worked in the insulation business. As such, he routinely had to do inspections and crawls under houses. And he lost a bunch of cigarette lighters, coins, etc.... To the point where he finally wised up, and emptied his pockets before each such job, of anything that might spill out. And got zippered pocket coveralls!

    So as infrequent as it is that anyone will ever go under their house, yet when they do, they're in the best possible position for coin-losses.
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