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    Feb 2015
    Dickinson, Tx
    Delta 4000, a few other cheap models. Looking at a fors core
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    First hunt with Fors Core-need more practice

    Got to use my new Fors this last week for the first real hunt. I found 6 boxes worth of 44mag casings along with lots of 22 and other casings, pull tabs, and melted cans. The melted cans and pull tabs waste an incredible amount of time. The numbers showed in line with a lot of possible good things? Is there anyway to tell without digging or do I just need more practice? I also tried looking for gold in the creek beds. I have some practice nuggets that show an id of 95-98. Apparently old fence staples have the same id, found a bunch of those, and no gold. All in all I was happy with the machine. I would like to hunt with someone who has a fors or knows more about them.

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    May 2013
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Not being familiar with your particular machine, I would say it's fairly typical to get "good" signals on shell casings, because they are highish conductors and are round. Cans can also sound like a high conductor due to their size and also being round, even a crushed can usually has the round top part intact.

    You can sometimes tell a can or other large object by lifting your coil in the air.

    You can sometimes tell tabs by the inconstant nature of the response, they usually bounce around the TID a bit and in tones.

    Bent nails ot staples can also sound like a high conductor, while straight ones ID properly.

    I am not sure on the scale of your TID, but usually the gold is a lower conductor in the foil and aluminum range, "95-98" sounds too high, but again I don't know your particular machine or the purity/authenticity of your test nuggets.

    Most gold is going to be pretty small and is usually found with a sensitive machine in all metal mode, try and put yourself in a good location and dig everything.



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