Best first time metal detector for a 7 year old
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Thread: Best first time metal detector for a 7 year old

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    Jan 2013
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    Best first time metal detector for a 7 year old

    Looking for a detector for 7 year old who shows a lot of interest every time I take mine out.. I need something easy to use and I didn't want to get him a piece of junk either. I like to get him something he can use for a few years and enjoy if he doesn't lose interest. Thanks
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    If you want the latest and greatest, I'd look into the Fisher F22. A nice entry level detector. You ought to take weight into consideration when buying a detector for such a youngster no matter what make and model. If he is a beep and digger you could go with a Tesoro Compadre, lifetime warranty.

    Technetics has a nice detector for designed for today's youth, the Teknetics Digitek Metal Detector.
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    I agree with the weight consideration. I also say as long as you metal detect and are excited about your finds he will be hooked for life anyway.
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    Oct 2012
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    Dont matter what metal detector that you buy if you see him getting bored plant him a silver quater in the ground that should keep him interested in the hunt ,but Loco digger does have some good choices
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    If it can be found in dirt, i seem to like it...

    Feb 2015
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    I bought my son a Garrett Ace 250. Simple, adjustable, nice tones and not expensive for what you get i think... Whatever you get though, id suggest a coil cover, as it has been in my experience dragged and pushed on the ground more than swinging!! Haha... But i did tell him to keep it close to the ground!! I Love my Son!!
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    I say Tesoro Compadre $160 , Great discrimination, 2.2 pounds, easy to use, Lifetime Warranty, and he will probably outhunt you. I let my 27 year old daughter use my Compadre while I used my Lobo and she dug less and found more keepers than me on her first time out. When she moved, it went with her. I plan on getting another.

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    I would get something he will not get bored with soon. The thought that he won't be able to figure out a slightly advanced detector is imo crazy after watching my grandkids with new tech.

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    When I was looking to buy a detector, I went to the Kellyco site since you can see multiple detector's specs, side by side, and compare the details/features.
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    Aug 2014
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    I agree with Indian Steve, I would get him the Tesoro Compadre. One knob symplicity, you can turn that knob all the way up and pretty much all he will find is copper pennies, dimes and quarters. It will also be something good to have in your personal detector arsenal cause the machine in my opinion is the best tot lot machine made. I own two of them
    and several other mid and high end machines and will never be without my compadres they are that good.
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    The Teknetics Digitek has it all. The lower rod made for kids and a face plate that is "cool" like the the choices they make for phones, etc. Not too complicated nor easy to outgrow. LocoDigger had the right idea when he mentioned it. Under $200.

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    Don't know about the Compadre for kids. Kids don't listen, but they do love screens. Just watch one with an iPhone/iPod in their hands.
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    Nov 2013
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    The new Minelab GoFind series are great beginner machines.

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    Mar 2013
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    Best first time metal detector for a 7 year old

    Compadre all the way! It will be a welcomed break from screen(s) and I bet if he tried various machines over several months/years the Compadre would be the favorite! The Eurotek Pro would be another machine to look at if you want a machine with a VDI.
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    Nov 2012
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    If he's really interested buy him the best you can afford. 7 year olds these days can grasp any electronic concept and run with it like its second nature. He will be showing you how to hunt in no time.

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    Jun 2015
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    My seven year old quickly realized that his detector wasn't as deep as mine so I suggest getting the same one you have or get yourself a new one and give them your current one


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