Advice, need tools for Gold prospecting.
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    Advice, need tools for Gold prospecting.

    So my cousin down in Mexico, noticed my post on my finds here in NYC. He messaged me and wanted a metal detector for Gold/coins. I suggested the AT Gold, and sniped a New one for $531 with shipping. Now I need to get him some tools for titled purpose. Here are some pictures of the area, he is planning on hunting.
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    What are your (Gold prospectors) recommendations on needed tools.

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    You should advise him on using the same tools that we use for coin hunting. Now, if he is looking for treasure gold maybe a pick and shovel will be better. It all depends on the following:
    1. If ground is disturbed do the owners want it back in pristine appearance?
    2. Depending on the soil makeup will a small garden type tool work or will you need something heavier to break the ground.
    3. You will be limited to about two feet (2/3 meter) on a LARGE object with a good detector. Less than 9 inches (1/4) meter on small targets.
    4. Just have all sorts of tools available and don't forget a small and a large probe.
    Just my thoughts if it were me.
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    Dec 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy SH13 View Post
    What size gold is he expecting to come across? If it's flake/flour gold, he's better off using a dry banker or a sluice setup...
    he said someone found a nugget in a nearby stream after some rain, he didn't exactly say what size tho. I don't think he is too into sluicing and stuff. He might just want to go out and dig around. The at gold is going to be his first detector. He told me he found some old coins in a well in his backyard. I'm planning a trip down to Cali and Mexico in July, I'm pondering if I should lug my atpro and tools down.... Surely my wife will not be pleased if she sees me packing my machine...

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    He will need a plastic gold pan and a plastic scoop.



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