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Thread: Tons of YT channels out there… but what about a blog, instead?

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    Tons of YT channels out there… but what about a blog, instead?

    In a couple weeks or so, I'll finally have the extra funds available to get a machine and all the gear to go along with it, and I'll actually be able to start partaking in the hobby I've been following for almost a year. I've been thinking that starting a YouTube channel would be an interesting and fun thing to do along the way, but there is just no realistic way that I'd have enough time to maintain it at all. A couple hunts and videos here and there sure, but nothing on a regular basis.

    Then, I started thinking about doing a blog instead. It'd be a lot easier to create content for it because I wouldn't be pressed to always push out a new video with every update like I would if I had an actual channel. My only concern, however, is if there's a big enough audience within the hobby to make it a worthwhile venture.

    What do you guys think?

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    One of the reasons content creators prefer YT is that it's easy to monetize. If you're not trying to monetize it, then blog away and don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Write for yourself.

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    I've got both, and yes, it's a very saturated niche. Having said this, I also enjoy writing and making videos, so for me it just extends my enjoyment of the hobby. It's also a means of sharing with family and friends and even making some new friends and acquaintances in the process. Having said this, if your goal is to grow a noticeable audience then you're going to have to keep creating new content which means turning something you're doing for enjoyment into something of a job so I just do it for the enjoyment and produce content whenever I'm in the mood and I have the time.
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    Do like most of us, there are plenty of forums to post topics right here. I am not one to snoop out personal blogs.

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