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Thread: Im just interested to know

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    Apr 2016
    Abita Springs....Born in New Orleans
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    Metal Detecting

    I'm just interested to know

    Gloves or no gloves?

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    Jan 2017
    Auburn, WA
    140 times
    Metal Detecting
    Definitely gloves. Dirt is icky.

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    Jul 2016
    744 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Gloves.....way to much glass and to sharp objects in my opinion. I bought a cheap pair but solid and I haven't had to replace them this year and still look strong.

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    Jan 2017
    Western ny
    equinox 800, Whites mx sport, Garrot carrot, bounty hunter time ranger
    3015 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I am a no glover because I'm paranoid that I'll hit something. I can feel around the hole and figure out what I'm working on. Also the gloves make it hard for me to change settings on my detector with out taking them off. I can feel where the buttons are on my detector and not even have to look at them now to gb, pin point, program switches and so on. That being said if you looked at my hands you would think I stuck them through a meat grinder. So choose wisely

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    Jun 2014
    Northern O-H-I-O
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    I wear gloves. I get mine from LOWES (a 10 pack for about $10). I go through 2 pairs a year and have given a pair to each noob i take hunting.

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    Jul 2017
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    yea you will want gloves you don't want to cut you hand while reaching in a hole i'v have it sucks

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    Apr 2014
    XP Deus V3.2 9" & 11" Coils, AT Pro, ProPointer AT, Lesche 55, 75 & 80LT
    13796 times
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    Gloves always. I have gotten stuck and cut a few times, sticking my bare hands into those little holes. I use the ones that Loco Digger uses, but mine are orange, to better match my outfit!

    Best of luck to you T1253!

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    Jul 2006
    Western PA
    Minelab Explorer SE With a plethora of coils
    1311 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    I only wear one glove whenever I'm detecting I put it on my left hand and I use the Digger and the detector with my right hand. I use the gloved hand to dig around in the hole looking for the Target.

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    May 2015
    North Georgia
    MineLab CTX 3030
    604 times
    Metal Detecting
    First hole i dug as a MD resulted in a nasty cut, from that day forward gloves only.
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    Coil Swinger

    Jan 2011
    El Dorado County
    440 times
    Gloves on when handling dirt.
    Way too many scorpions spiders and bugs in the ground plus the sharp stuff.
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    Will work for gold dust.

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    Aug 2013
    OC, CA
    XP Deus, Equinox 800
    4498 times
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting
    One glove or none if I forget them.
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    Dec 2007
    Whites Goldmaster GMT, GMII,Whites Sierra Super Trac, Ace250, Teknetics Gamma 6000, Whites Pinpointer,Garrett Pro Pointer II
    731 times
    Metal Detecting
    I use soft leather gloves that are rancher style. I also use a cheap fiberglass reinforced plastic trowel. If I dinged a $20 gold piece, I'd be furious. After a piece of broken glass slices your finger, you will see what I mean.
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    Jul 2017
    Northwest Arkansas
    Garrett AT Pro, Fisher F2
    1172 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I prefer gloves, but if I find a place to hunt and happen not to have them, I will go forward carefully without them. It's slower being safe barehanded, but I also have a better feel working in the dirt that way.
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    Feb 2017
    CTX 3030 (April 2017) AT Pro Garrett Carrot Pro Pointer Stavr Scoop Moonstrik 6 Stealth 720i (BNIB) Home made beach scoop
    819 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Whether I'm committing a crime or digging in the dirt, I always wear gloves.
    Treasure is where you find it, trash is where they left it.


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    Jul 2006
    Jefferson, Ga
    BH LRP 1265X, GoldBug II
    1379 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Interesting analogies, but since I don't have to tie kerosene soaked rags around my ankles, I do not and have never used gloves while MD'ing. I do, however, carry a pair with me to prevent frostbite but never while digging.
    PS, my immune system works as designed so I'm not the least bit worried about Germs.
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