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Thread: The Logging Camp

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    Ryan Quinlan

    Oct 2015
    Minelab X-Terra 30 Garrett Ace 400
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    This is the continued story of John Prosen, a fictional turn-of-the-century logging camp employee who lived and worked in the heart of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Pictured relics were found by Ryan and Kevin Quinlan in the Summer of 2017.

    "We are deep into the logging season now that it is winter. I am finding that some of my work clothes need to be replaced as they have worn out. We sure go through a lot of coveralls and work coats in the camp! I need to make a trip to the company store soon to pick up some more. There is a decent selection and it is kept well stocked, and whatever I purchase there is taken from my wages.

    The standard outfit for working in the woods is a flannel shirt, wool mackinaw jacket and pants, short rubber boots, and wool caps and socks. Many, many socks, and all dried inside the bunkhouse every night. I think I am becoming immune to the smell! I hear the river drivers wear tall caulked (spiked) boots and shorten their pants so they don’t get caught in the logjams. I haven’t seen that yet, as this is my first year here.

    Shirts and jackets are often very colorful for visibility – everyone needs to be aware of where everyone else is in this line of work! I heard a funny story about the mackinaw jackets – I guess they were originally commissioned to be made from blue blankets for a military unit, but they ran out of blue blankets and had to finish up with red and the red/black checkered plaid that everyone wears now!

    Sometimes, if our clothes are dry, we sleep in them. However, when they get wet we need to dry them at night while we sleep. And those socks always need mending! That’s another pastime (necessity) when the work day is done! On Sundays we can wash and disinfect our clothes in a pot of boiling water. I try to do that at least every other week, but some of the guys don’t do it much at all (another smell I am becoming immune to…). If a photographer comes by (usually on a Sunday), we all try to put on our best clothes for the picture.

    So I guess I am off to the company store for more clothes!"

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    Oct 2014
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    Congratualtions on the relic hunting!

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    Jul 2015
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    Very interesting. I have about 6 acres up on a hill. There is a spring up there as well as the remains of a slate quarry. Halfway up there is a buried set of rails that were used by the early lumber trade, to get the timber to a place where it could be transferred to a mill. I'm going to have to pay a little more attention to the early history of my property.

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    Jul 2006
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    I really like those double bit axes. I carry one in my truck. The really sharp bit is for wood and the other bit is for grubbing roots.
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