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    Well since they closed the other thread on the new repair center .So now the ones that have used the new repair center Lets hear what your thoughts are.I do not know why they closed the other thread , So post your experience with MINELAB here... Now 2 years ago i had my Eureka repaired at KellyCo and from the time i sent it in and got it back repaired was only 9 days and they did a good job . And they shipped it back to me with the postage already paid. All it cost me was the shipping cost to KellyCo. Since the other thread is closed tell us here what the new repair center is like..
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    Previous thread was locked because it was being used to bash a supporting vendor even after a warning was issued. As long as this thread remains on topic and not used to bash it can remain open.

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    I couldn't be happier with the way my repair was handled by Minelab and the new repair center. I shipped it out Tuesday Sept. 26th, they got it Thursday the 28th, I received a text that evening informing me that they had the detector and it was on the bench the same day. Friday I got an e-mail from Minelab telling me the CTX had arrived at the repair center and they would keep me informed about the progress. Got a text from the repair center on Tuesday Oct. 3rd telling me my CTX was done and would be shipping out the same day. Later in the day I got 2 e-mails from Minelab, one stating my CTX was done and the other was my tracking number. I got it today and all is well. Kudo's to Minelab, hopefully this is the rule and not an exception to the repair woes in the past.
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    Well, I guess I'm a bit late to the party on this subject line.

    I had an issue with my CTX-3030 and since it had been serviced under warranty by Kellyco earlier this year, of course I called them to set up the repair this time. I called the day before Thanksgiving to talk with Marty about the issue and whether they had the parts in stock so it could be turned around quickly. He assured me that they had the part and they would have it on the bench by the following week if I shipped it right away.

    So it went out Priority Mail the same day with a letter enclosed detailing the issue & all my contact info etc. Tracking showed they received it that Friday. I made a point to called them on Tuesday to see if they had it and whether any progress was made yet. He told me that it was on his desk and would be looked at "soon". So on Friday I called again hoping they would tell me that it was fixed and on the way back to me. Unfortunately it was then that I was told that it was being FedExed to the new PA repair facility "because Kellyco had used the one remaining part on another CTX". I was really furious with this revelation but held my temper and took down all the info on who to contact about my repair. Nothing was said at that time about them Not being a Minelab repair center for Eastern US any longer.

    Well, I didn't need to call Minelab about receiving my CTX because Tracy in Chicago called Me this Tuesday. They had received my unit from Kellyco and it was now in the PA repair facility. The only thing was, they had no info about what it needed because my letter was not forwarded with it from Florida. Sheese!!! Lucky for me they had me in the database from my previous repair and at least had my contact info from the serial number.

    So I went over the issues and gave Tracy all the details contained in my original letter. She assured me that I'd be hearing from PA soon. I then received an email minuets after hanging up with her that included the RMA and ticket number for my repair along with the contact info for "Detector Center" in Alum Bank, PA.

    Yesterday (Wednesday) I got a call from Dan, the tech in PA. We discussed what needed to be done and what the cost would be. By the end of the day he had it all wrapped up and ready to ship back to me. WOW!! Now that's what I call Supreme Customer Service! And not only that, but because part of my issue with the failure of the CTX was from the previous repair done by Kellyco, they were able to cover the majority of the cost under warranty.

    Needless to say, I am extremely happy with how Minelab's new repair facility handled this whole case once they received my unit. Everyone I talked to there was Very professional, kind and understanding of my predicament and did above and beyond my expectations. I told Dan that Detector Center will be the ONLY place my CTX will go to if repairs are needed in the future. They have made me a customer for Life

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    I don't think they could possibly do anything better than they are doing now. Turn around time on my CTX (sea-water leak at battery) was SAME DAY. You can't get any faster than that! New bulkhead and new battery and I'm back swinging again.
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