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Thread: Cambodia and vietnam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thaddeus View Post
    Yes this is great advice P.Allen. The cops here try to fleece me daily. My technique is stay happy, shake hands alot, don't speak english. I go back and forth from French to Spanish to Thai and they give up pretty fast as I'm wasting their time shaking down others for not violating non existent road rules. Yes I will be very careful not to blow my legs off.......anyone have any experience with land mine/UNO signals? Now about these maps......where would you look online for one? Any map resources you have found useful in the past?

    GA boy all I find on the beach is spent rounds. Instead of caps it's spent rounds here but they are still more fun. Very wide variety of calibre. Everything except .22 which is what I would mostly find in Canada and not on tourist beaches and city parks.

    Atw......what do you mean by #10?
    The local South Vietnamese used to say, "Joe, you #1"
    That meant that they liked you. #10, not so much.
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    Wow grantler thanks for the sites they are great. There is so much to be discovered in this country and not many people looking really. Very hard to explain to a vietnamese person what you are really looking for. 90% of the time they point you to tourist spots to buy coconuts thinking thats what you really want to do. They mostly have a hard time grasping that i want the old rundown areas that i can detect. They always seem to think i am very lost. I was looking at old maps and found a naval base that was fairly large and on googlemaps today it shows nothing there. I went there to find a walled compound that is still very active but not on the map. But there was a very old stone semi circle out front which was probably an oldguard post. It had a huge durian tree growing out of it and a huge solid concrete sign with the words aged off of it. I would have loved to detect it but was afraid of how curious the soldiers were of my presence there. They kept asking about what hotel i needed to go to. Was i looking for shopping? No im in this old crummy area because the ground is not concrete or asphalt and there is history here. They just laugh and point me away to leave. All this tien viet practise for nobody to get me anyway. I show people targets and they laugh and throw them on the ground thinking they are helping me realize its not gold.


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