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Thread: Just fixed my problematic closet detector

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    Mar 2017
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    Just fixed my problematic closet detector

    ever since i bought a used sov gt it always had a jumpy/unstable functioning, the sens and threshold didn't seem to work well and a few times it seemed to break down after a minute's use and wouldn't detect any type of metals in either modes, i bought a brand new rechargeable battery for it, but never saw much improvement. It never came close to working as well as my sov xs in general and especially in discrimination mode. my sov xs in disc mode with old 8'' coinsearch coil was able to hit a nickel sized coin at about 10'' regularly, whenever i would compare the xs and gt the gt was able to hit a nickel sized object only at 5-6'' in disc mode but about 11-12'' in all metal, so i would always put it back in the closet thinking its a defected used model. Today i went out with my sov xs at a trashy beach and in half an hour found like 10 pull tabs and some pieces of foil, it started raining so couldn't continue and went back home. I started researching the notch settings for a pull tab and found its just right under the 5cent mark on the xs. So then i decided to see if my 'dumbed down' sov gt could even notch out a pull tab. So i was turning the notch and found for the gt its around the 3 o clock position while still getting a solid response from different sized coins, but would also notch out other type coins- same with xs. Anyways i didn't still understand why the sov gt wasn't getting depth, so i thought maybe the problem was lying in the coil connection to control box. I inspected the connections and it looked good, then when i put the connector into box i put a lot of pressure all the way the connector could go in, then while holding pressure down on the plug i screwed the coil screw all the way down and screwed the most tightness i could get out of it with my finger. I fired up that sov gt and 'bam' a solid hit from a quarter sized coin at 13'' in the air while still notching out a pull tab
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