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Thread: Anyone ever Lost a Piece of your Equipment while Detecting?

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    Nov 2012
    XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola
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    Funny thing. For the last two weeks I've been looking for my Garrett carrott and my Lesche digger. They both returned to me today like a pair of well trained bird dogs. My digging buddy had the Lesche in his bag, and didn't know it. We hadn't dug in about 6 weeks together, and the carrot was left in the grass at a spot I detect and when we went back today, the owners had it waiting for me.
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    Apr 2018
    SW Michigan
    Minelab Equinox 600, XP Deus, AT-Pro, F2, Minelab Equinox 800 on order..
    7 times
    Metal Detecting
    One night after metal detecting on the beach I went to my truck to leave. I leaned my very nice sand scoop up against the side of my truck while I took off my finds pouch and put my detector inside. Somehow I forgot about the scoop AND missed it when I backed out of the parking space. I did not realize it missing until the next day and of course it was lone gone when I returned. I put a reward on Craigslist but never got a response. It stinks because it was a very nice heavy duty scoop that is irreplaceable as the fabricator of these scoops passed away.
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    Jun 2012
    M-6, pro pointer, pistol probe
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I have lost and recovered both a screw drive probe and my pin pointer.

    Pin pointer was on the beach at night, I ran back to my last known location, there it was crying in the sand! Whew!

    Probe was at a park, stuck it in the ground while recovering a target then meandered on to the next quite a distance away. Reached for it...no probe. I tried retracing my steps, finally gave up, went on detecting and about the second dig after losing my probe, I looked down and there it was stuck in the ground next to my foot....did I mention I meander...a lot?
    It called me "stupid" all the way home!
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    Jul 2017
    East TX
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    hey i meander a lot too especially when in my field where a 1880's home stood there is stuff scattered through out the whole field
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    Jan 2012
    162 times
    Relic Hunting
    Left my pinpinter "at the last hole" a few times but found it. A few weeks ago I open my trunk at a site to find no pinpointer. Then I thought maybe I didn't put it in the trunk when I was packing up the day before. As luck would have it "yesterday's site" was a quarter mile up the road! I drove up there and found it still sitting in the parking lot.
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    Jul 2015
    s.tier NY
    662 times
    Metal Detecting


    i lost/ misplaced the transmitter for my wireless headphones i had it rubberbanded on the stand on my explorer it's small rectangular about the size of a silver dollar . i might have put it in my goodies bag or a pocket , it's black and i have a hard time with finding black items as they tend to blend in real good so there is a good chance i will come across it , i hope so as it was a gift from my TH'ing bud...what a bummer......
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    Dec 2013
    Whites mxt
    265 times
    Couple weeks ago I lost my digger knife either in the forest or when transferring equip to my friends Jeep it fell off my pack. Never to be seen again.
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