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Thread: First Negitive Community Experiance

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    Jun 2018
    Fisher F44
    25 times
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    First Negitive Community Experiance


    I am a newbie (a couple of months), but addicted the hobby. I have been swinging my F44 and enjoying it...a good starter detector.

    Well anyways... I was coming back from a trip and decided to stop off at a county park (I have a county permit) that was on the way home, one that too far away to go to on a weekend, but it felt like a shame not to take a look around since I was passing it. I stopped by got out my detector and gear and stared to poke around. Found a clad penny right off, so I was excited. There was a baseball diamond and volleyball area and a bunch of benches and tables around them. I figured it looked like a (trashy) but good spot to start. If I picked it out, I am sure a experienced hobbyist already hit it.

    I was right, somebody already hit it. They dug everything. They left the junk by the plugs, they left plugs open (in areas where people would run around). They left bottle caps and pull tabs in the bottom of the holes, on the edge of the holes. They left it a mess. I spent a hour filling holes and plugs. Some areas that they did fill they left the junk in the holes and covered them back up. I dug up a few and tossed the caps and tabs. It was sad to see.

    Now I suspect it was someone new who got a metal detector and never bothered to learn the etiquette or a kid (bad parents?), but still. I research like a mad fiend when I am Interested in something, detectors, rules, permits...YouTube is a blast with this hobby.

    What bad experiences have you had?

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    Nov 2013
    XP Deus, F75Ltd., AT PRO, Garrett pointer
    13914 times
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    We have a man in our area that got everyone banned from a high school because he did the same thing. Never covered a plug and the school closed the grounds to everyone.
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    Aug 2016
    2550 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    First off, THANK-YOU for picking up their trash and filling in their open holes! The idiot swinging that detector is also an experienced litterbug! Go back there soon to see if that bozo has returned. I ran into the same situation in a massive park and here's what the county did about the problem...

    Name:  Detecting Sign.jpg
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    No more detecting there!

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    ZO6 Guy

    Jan 2014
    Los Angeles
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    I call people out when I see it. We have several here at local beaches. Leave the pennies and trash right next to the hole. Do they think that won't ever dig them again?..

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    Coin Rescue Tech

    Jun 2014
    Northern O-H-I-O
    F75 LTD, 1280X Aquanaut, & an F2 (loaner)
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    I came upon a site like that and felt obligated to pick up the trash and fill the holes. It was early January so I bet it was a noob who did this. Thanks for making things right.
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    Feb 2018
    Traverse City, Michigan
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    I've found similar. But two miles out a 2 track, quite literally in the middle of nowhere. Dug with a large shovel, left open, holes big enough to trip in.

    One guy at another similar place passed by while I was detecting. Some arrogant, old fart, know it all, wiener, with a CTX and a Jeep. Thought he'd give me a history lesson on the area. Said there was a nearby ghost town, and pointed in the wrong direction. I asked him if he was the one that left the holes and trash all around.....he said "It's the middle of the wood's, who cares?"......I told him I cared.
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    Mar 2017
    Center of North America
    Etrac- Sunray x5, x8, x12. Garrett AT Gold- Nel Attack coil. Garrett Carrot
    565 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Unfortunate that some people think behavior like that is OK. Leaving holes and junk laying around is real bad, but even reburying found junk is kind of annoying. Time is taken to dig it up, so why not just be considerate and pick it up.
    Good on you for taking the time to fix their mess
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    Sep 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Garrett AT Pro, AT Gold, ATX, MH7 (oldie!) Minelab Explorer SE Pro
    2039 times
    I see it as well. I pick up their trash and fill their holes, too. It also usually means that they don't know what they are doing and I end up finding some goodies.

    HH ALL

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    Apr 2016
    Abita Springs La....Born in New Orleans
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    I lost my ultimate honey hole park because someone jumped a fence in a non digging area, a fountain from 1904 with a black rode iron fence around it, hit a water line and left a mess. They did it at night they said. Now this is about a 2 acre area in a 3200 acre park. Made me sick when they told me. All the employees knew me and felt bad for me.

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    Jan 2018
    North Atlanta
    Equinox 800, 6" coil, ProFind-35 pinpointer, sold: AT Pro with stock coil, Nel Thunder, Garrett 5" x 8" coil, Garrett Carrot.
    672 times
    Relic Hunting
    It ain't that hard to cover remove the trash and cover the holes. I do that in the woods also to help prevent erosion and it is just a habit. When in the woods and i find larger iron trash I just put near a big tree so another detectorist will see it. I cannot carry out all the large trash I find in deeper woods that some people seem to leave. Mostly tin cans.

    In parks and school grounds I try to make the hole invisible or at least to the point where the next rain shower will make it invisible. Also in parks and school yards I use a small spade instead of my Lesche. One day in the park I saw a guy digging with a home depot trench shovel. Boy did that make him visible to the public. But he was covering up his holes very good.
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    Jul 2017
    East TX
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    i do the same in the woods if i find a big piece of metal i don't want like plow pieces i sit them against a tree and my pawpaw gets them and takes them to the scrap yard and this is on family land when i do it
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    Jun 2016
    247 times
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    that is sad... Good on you, I commend you for doing that . I have also filled holes on 2 occasions and there is nothing more irritating than coming up on a site that you detect on a regular basis that looks like gophers were there. Once though, I did detect a hole that someone left uncovered with can slaw and after removing the slaw and filling the hole I got a high reading , redug the hole and out came a merc… had to have been a noob
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    Mar 2014
    south central ohio
    At Pro At Max
    3522 times
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    Kudos, Tikirob, for taking the time to repair someone else's mess...I think we will all see that at least once. I've noticed it right after Xmas, HUGE holes (not plugs), with all the trash laying on top of the ground. But I take solace in knowing that these noobs quit after they've spent 20 minutes and haven't dug a ring for every finger. Our town has a detecting ban due to these actions about 15 yrs ago, turns out a group of out-of-towners were showing up at dusk at our oldest and most renown city park, and digging well into the night. The next morning revealed what looked like a C130 or Warthog air assault. Unbelievable. It didn't take long for park officials to shut that s##t down! So we all pay the price. Ddf.
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    Jan 2018
    North Atlanta
    Equinox 800, 6" coil, ProFind-35 pinpointer, sold: AT Pro with stock coil, Nel Thunder, Garrett 5" x 8" coil, Garrett Carrot.
    672 times
    Relic Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by redcobra8u View Post
    I call people out when I see it. We have several here at local beaches. Leave the pennies and trash right next to the hole. Do they think that won't ever dig them again?..
    they are just like the idiots who...
    let their dog poop on other people's lawns and don't clean it up.
    throw cigarette buts out their car windows.
    trow trash out their car windows.
    drop gum on side walks.
    don't hold doors open for women, children and older people.
    we call them white trash in the south (and no people living in the rural areas and speak with a southern accent are not equal to white trash).
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    Feb 2015
    Fullerton CA
    Minelab CTX 3030 AT Pro
    5083 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    We're supposed to fill our holes?,,,,,It's not just the detecting hobby. Basic common sense and basic common courtesy are GONE.
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