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Thread: Do u set sensitivity low when at the park...

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    Aug 2018
    New South Wales
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    Question Do u set sensitivity low when at the park...

    Hi all Iím a newbie here ! Iíve only been detecting a few months mostly beaches and wanting to move into parks etc , there are plenty of articles, utube videos, photos etc , From what I gather most targets are no deeper than 3-4Ē .
    My question is do u set sensitivity low when at the park so as not to go too deep so as out of reach of your popper and then you need to use the plug method instead.

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    Jun 2008
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    Quote Originally Posted by rattail-1927 View Post
    Hi all I’m a newbie here...
    I noticed this was your very first post - so, Welcome Aboard! Take a look at Sub-Forums: Australia for information directly related to your country.
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    Aug 2012
    Niagara falls
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    Welcome to tnet from Niagara Falls.

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    Jan 2017
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    Good question Rattail, and welcome here. To answer your question, "perhaps yes, and no." Meaning it's a judgement call, if after say a large event, and your not looking for anything older, just hopes for perhaps rings, or bracelets, recent change?, sure you can lower it, and not be bothered as much by older deeper pull tabs etc. But if looking for older coins and things, then detect as usual, whatever sensitivity will allow, and if ground is not like cement in the summer.

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    Nov 2013
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    Welcome to Tnet. Also in parks I never carry a shovel. It gives the impression of deeper digging. Park managers and attendants Don't care for that. Although there are deeper targets there just learn where you are and what tools you can use without drawing to much attention. Good luck.
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    Jul 2015
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    Welcome to the forum from Port Allegheny, Pennsylvania

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    Aug 2018
    New South Wales
    Minelab X-Terra 705 , cheaply pinpointer, KT-6808 tumbler
    4 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Thanks for the welcome guys, I wanna ďblend in ďbut I think my detector will give me away , im really just want to get change and maybe rings or change, I seen the screwdriver method so I only want something 2-3Ē deep for a start till I work out or get kicked out lol

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    Mar 2011
    San Diego
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    Sure, if all you want is surface to 4" deep, knock the sensitivity down. If you want to just find coins, bump the discrimination up to just under your lowest conductive coin. if you want gold, you'll need to dig everything in the non-ferrous range.
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