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Thread: A question of ethics - old abandoned graveyards

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    abandoned? How so?

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    I own property that has an old graveyard on it. It dates from the 1820?ish to the latest one I've found 1940ish...
    When I bought the land we knew of the grave yard but only 13 or so stones. Another neighbor bought the land next to me and put in a driveway up the hill to his new house. He hired a dozer and all of the sudden I had tons of rocks pushed up next to my fence line. They turned out to be cairn burial stones. We ended up finding at least 7 cairn burial sites and around 30 or so headstones in the piles. According to the guy running the dozer, the "rocks" were under every large tree. A previous owner had obviously stacked these stones in piles up against trees so they could brush hog the land. I'm guessing around 60-70ish graves exist on this hillside and a lot have been dozed onto my side of a newly erected fence. Their are CW headstones and Cavalry stones along with MANY small children's stones. I have to admit, before the new guy bought the land and made a driveway I detected all over that land. The only things I found were a bunch of lead (what I now know are stone "balancers") and bricks and a shovel....and a corner piece and hinge to a coffin.... Oh and barbed wire and some pieces of wrought iron fencing from way back when someone cared... I thought I was detecting the outskirts, but I was all over the major part of the original cemetery. I don't feel bad because I didn't know at the time, but I won't detect around the headstones anymore.....

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    This question is raised occasionally as you know. My standard answer is.... If you need to ask, you know in your heart it is wrong.
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    I always thought it was against the law to dig in any graveyard.

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    Lots of widows/widowers leave wedding rings on their beloveds grave....that's just bad jue-jue...there's soooo many other....other....places to hunt....good luck
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    I will openly admit. That I have done this on a couple of long lost plots. My only rule is.....TAKE NOTHING. yes I have found coins, tokens. Even handmade trinkets. But you have to show honor. If I find an item that is next to a headstone. I won't place it on top. Instead I place it a few inches under the base of that stone, away from signals and anyone else's greedy eye. If you are talking about an old but modern day cemetery then I probly would shy away just from the scrutiny of it all. I've NEVER used any digging tool, nor removed, or exchanged an item.

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    Digging a battlefield is the same thing. You won't be digging but a few inches. I know the people who dig battlefields like to say they are "saving history" but that is just a way for them to justify digging in a graveyard.
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    I had a friend that would search out the Grave Yards....never could do it myself. His rationalization was grieving families would loose coins during the services.
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