Whites TM 808 Back Antenna
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    Jun 2018
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    White's TM 808 Back Antenna

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    I had a question about something I've recently been experiencing with my White's TM 808. I located a target that was giving a really strong signal. The intensity meter really flew up past 100% over a very specific area. Even after digging down about 1 ft, the signal seemed even stronger. But as the hole got deeper, the signal is still there but much weaker. It only registers at about 40% intensity now. The weakness in signal started happening when I rechecked the hole at 5 ft depth. The detector is cramped for space, barely able to rotate around at the bottom. Is this rough diagram an accurate depiction of how the signal from this detector is being produced and received? If so, is it safe to say that if the back antenna becomes blocked by the wall of the hole, the signal would become significantly weaker?
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    I think, It's not suitable for running in a pit.
    you need a machine Garrett 400.

    You may find a large cache, Let us know by then.:icon_thumleft:



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