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Thread: The crazy reason I started MDing...how ‘bout you?

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    Apr 2009
    1394 times
    Because I didn't save for retirement. Hopefully I can serve as a warning to others.
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    Jan 2011
    Southwest Ohio
    Minelab Equinox, Makro PP, and a little luck.
    450 times
    Metal Detecting
    My Grandparents bought me a Radio Shack MD when I was about 8-10 years old. My Grandpa was always a "gadget guy" so it was fitting. It was a big deal for me, especially at that age. This detector could barely find a quarter at about 2-3" and obviously very rudimentary. It did leave an impression on me and years later I was at an old girlfriend's house watching TV late one night when a White's Metal Detector commercial came on. I was suddenly thrown back in time to when I was a kid and received that Radio Shack detector. I called around and was a little disappointed when I found out the cost on one of these White's units. I still thought about it a lot and a few years later looked into getting one again. I started with a couple different Bounty Hunter detectors then bought my first "real to me" detector which was a Garrett GTP 1350. I used that for a good while then moved on to a Minelab. Since then I have owned almost every brand of detector out there. I enjoy this hobby with a passion and I always will.

    I should add that I wish my Grandparents were still here, especially Grandpa, as he would love the technology of today’s metal detectors.
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    Diggn' is my business....and business is good!

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    Apr 2009
    Cornfield, IN
    F-22, cheapo pinpointer
    477 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    My older son wanted one for Christmas, so we got a couple of kids models (one for each of the boys) that got good reviews online. Went out into the fields, dug a bunch of junk but it reinforced the fact that boys like digging holes, playing in dirt, and dreaming of finding gold coins and treasure... go figure! My wife got me an F22 for my birthday last April to start off with something decent but inexpensive, in case I didn’t like the hobby. Haven’t been out much. Need to get some permissions so that we have some better places to detect. I don’t want to discourage the kids by digging nothing but trash.

    Kindest regards,
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    Feb 2018
    SW Va
    Garett ace 400 AT PRO Fisher F22
    70 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (1)
    Have always been interested in history and treasure but never had time, now that I am ******ed.... And have some time it is a fun hobby. And I love being outside 😀
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