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Thread: Are you supposed to clean silver coins with toothpaste?

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    Mar 2018
    New Jersey
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    Are you supposed to clean silver coins with toothpaste?

    I clean most of my silver coins I find metal detecting. And I was always wondering is it good to clean silver coins with toothpaste.
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    Aug 2017
    SW MO
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    Only if you aren't going to sell it. If it's a coin that is just worth the silver value you aren't hurting anything, but if its rare or coin collectors are interested in it when you go to sell it will hurt the coins value greatly if its been cleaned improperly and left hairline scratches on it.

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    Apr 2014
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    When I started 5 years ago, I cleaned all my silver coins. I now prefer the “as found” look. It took a long time for the coin to get that patina, so I leave them that way. Of course I encourage you to do whatever makes you happy.

    If you want clean them, a paste of water and baking soda is the way to do it. This paste also works on silver jewelry. A soft brush will help to get the nooks and crannies.

    Good luck.
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    Dec 2015
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    You can but also know any coin in the ground is graded ED so value is hurt anyway here in Mich silver comes out like it was dropped yesterday clad is dark and has to be tumbled to clean
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    Quote Originally Posted by Relicboy2257 View Post
    I clean most of my silver coins I find metal detecting. And I was always wondering is it good to clean silver coins with toothpaste.

    It will depend on many things. You need to make that decision on a coin by coin basis. Most cleaning techniques will hurt the value of collector coins, but, sometimes it will improve it's value if the coin looks ugly in it's present state.
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    Jul 2018
    Eastern Connecticut
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    Silver coins can be cleaned with toothpaste but most silvers don't need to be cleaned. If you scrub GENTLY no harm will come to a silver coin but if you scrub hard the coin will take on an unnatural look. Bullion value coins...it doesn't matter, if it's a scarce or rare date the only thing you should use s a little warm water.

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    Nov 2016
    Tucson, AZ
    Tesoro Vaquero
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    Toothpaste is finely abrasive. You can use it to polish hazy headlights on your car. I wouldn't use it on a coin.
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