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Thread: Eurotek Pro as first detector

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    Nov 2018
    X-terra 305
    10 times
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    Eurotek Pro as first detector

    im new to this whole thing and buying a first detector. I plan on doing a lot of detecting on beaches, in parks, and also in the desert. Iv been looking at the Eurotek Pro, Garrett 300 and the Fisher F22. I travel a lot btw so ill be in a lot of differnt areas for detecting. I only have 300$ right now to invest in one at first so after reading a lot I think I decided between these three. I know, non of these are good with gold nugget finding. BUT could one be used with a different coil to help find gold and which one COULD be used for gold nugget? do they all have the ability to change coils? Im not to sure what Iron Audio means, could someone help explain? any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks and happy New Years!

    also I think I want the eurotek pro but it has a lower rating (for some reason) then the other 2 I listed for no obvious reason, atleast no reason google can present. this is my biggest dilemma thanks.

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    Jul 2010
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    I never owned one myself. A friend of mine had one once and it seemed really sensitive to EMI on land hunts. He didn't keep his long. I would be worried about that Eurotek on salt water beaches, until somebody else chimes in.

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    Nov 2018
    X-terra 305
    10 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Yea those 3 I listed didn't seem to be good on salt water beaches, from what I read. would you recommend the Ace300 or the Fisher F22?

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    Nov 2018
    X-terra 305
    10 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I just discovered this Minelab 305 within my range and looks pretty sweet.

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    Jun 2014
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    The Eurotek pro is a better detector than I started with. For Beach detecting, just know that VLF detectors are good in the dry sand, but not in the wet sand. As for gold, I guess if you swing over a BB sized nugget your machine should hit on it but you need higher frequency machines to go for the smaller gold.
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    Apr 2014
    Whites Spectra V3i, Whites MX5, Whites BH 300, Whites MX Sport, Tek Europro, Tesoro Compadre, Makro Multi Kruzer .......... No longer own....... Etrac, CTX3030, G2, Fisher F4 Tesoro Bandido
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    I bought the ETP for my wife several years ago and have used it a few times (been a long time since I've used it - so my thoughts on the machine are from memory and may be off a tad).

    It is a very light weight machine and easy to swing. Recovery speed is fast. Build quality is pretty good too. Not the deepest machine out there, but it does pretty well (8 inches or so - perhaps a bit more in good soil). I think it punches above its weight (price wise) and offers a lot of machine for the money.

    Iron audio lets you hear iron, or not, while hunting. I use something similar on other machines because I believe it helps me hear the faint targets (masked). As I recall, the ETP lets you adjust the volume of the iron being heard - from zero on up to fairly loud.

    First Texas makes the ETP and the F22. I would guess that the F22 is fairly similar to the ETP - but don't know for sure. I think I've read that the F22 is water resistant - a feature that the ETP doesn't have (to my knowledge anyway).

    Anyway... I do believe the ETP is an excellent choice for a first machine. Or a second machine... etc.. Not the choice I'd make for hunting in salt water or even wet salt sand, but the ETP will excel on the dry sand. It does very well with coins.

    As for gold, the ETP will do fine for jewelry (rings etc..). I don't know how it will do on small nuggets though (never hunted for nuggets). My guess is that if nugget hunting is a big part of your hunting, there are machines more suited for that task.

    I don't know about coil choices (for the ETP) but would guess that there are other coils available since the machine is sold in two coil options. I assume that the DD coil is the better coil for nugget hunting - simply because the DD coil should do better in mineralized soil.

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    Mar 2011
    San Diego
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    As mentioned, none of the ones you listed are good for wet salt sand or water. None are good nugget hunters either, unless the nuggets are good size.....raison or bigger. For general coin shooting, it will work ok. Don't expect much from a low end machine.
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    Nov 2013
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    White Electronics make some good economic machines but again it depends on what type of hunting you want to do.
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