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Thread: Golf Course Question

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    May 2012
    Eagle Rock CA
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    I happened down a public fire road and found myself in the golf course. Found a 1942 Wheatie. Other than that nothing to write home about.

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    Jul 2015
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    I gave up on asking for permission. Seems like people with super manicured lawns think we are going to do more damage to their grass than these lousy golfers.

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    Sep 2016
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    I find the most stuff between the cart path and the tee boxes, where they park the carts at the beginning of each hole. I find a lot of change near the halfway house. Look for large trees across the cart path near the tee boxes. Guys will go there to take a leak after a few beers. Always seems to be a lot of stuff around them. You will know the tree when you see it.

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    Feb 2014
    Ohio and Florida
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    Had a friend loss his wedding ring after taking his glove off at the 18th green. Suggest looking around the 9th and 18th greens and between those greens and club house.
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    Jul 2017
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    Update on the golf course permission ... denied! Liability concerns. Heavy sadness.

    All of my contact with the company that owns the now-defunct course has been via phone with a very nice lady in the office who is, apparently, in charge of that property ... or, at least, in charge of answering questions about it. When I spoke with her this morning and was rejected, I thanked her kindly for her time.

    My question: Should I contact the company owner/president with a written request indicating that I would hold them harmless for any accident I may have or any injuries I may receive (as small as those odds are)? Have y'all had any luck with a follow-up to a rejected request? Do you have any specific language you use in your requests showing that you have no interest in law suits but only in detecting the area?
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    Jul 2014
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    Golf Course Question

    Abandoned golf courses are pretty rare in my area. Functional courses are definitely off limits. However it is not unusual for golf courses to rework their grounds and move dirt around and dump it in off course areas. Any old turf or top soil is potentially productive. I fact I found a small gold ring with a semiprecious stone sitting essentially on the surface of some removed turf that had been dumped beneath a power line right of way.

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    Jul 2009
    Central Michigan
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    A lot of good tips in this post. I spent 20+ years building new construction golf courses and renovating older courses all over the country. There are a lot of coins and jewelry to be found on golf courses.
    Tees are the best for coins on older courses, when you pull a tee out of your pocket a few coins might spill out and not all all get picked up, I have found quite a few dimes on tee tops. I rebuilt tees on one course that was built in 1910 where I had to strip the grass and topsoil off the top and surrounds and raise the tee 2 feet, then spread the topsoil back over the top. After stripping 6" off and pushing it into a pile nearby I would check the tee and also the pile of strippings. There were still coins in the tee after I removed 6", 100 years of thatch and topsoil accumulation. I did that with 27 tee boxes on that course and found a lot of silver coins and old golf shoe spikes. If it's an older course that has been renovated they would have salvaged any topsoil and placed it back on the renovated area. All is not lost after a renovation.

    I went through the same process with greens also, strip, reshape, and replace topsoil. A few coins around the greens but more left hand rings, most golfers pull the glove off their left hand while walking up to the green from where they park the cart, or while walking out of a bunker on the low side (called a walkout and there is a low area at the bunker designed for that) after a sand shot.

    Cart path areas near the tees and greens, old outhouse locations, and if there was an old hand water pump over a well are also good spots. On many old courses there was the original snack bar/halfway house that was eventually replaced with a newer one. If nobody knows where that was, take an educated guess.

    Permission is best gotten from the superintendent, it's his course, the guys in the pro shop would never allow someone to dig holes on his course. The super may also point you toward piles of topsoil that have been salvaged from little projects around the course. There may be piles at his shop or hidden locations in the woods. Tell him you will fill your holes and they will look as good as when the cups are changed on his greens, he will appreciate that.

    I thought I had golf courses all to myself,I guess not. I don't mind sharing a few tips now that I am older and realize I will never get to all the golf couses myself, so go get it guys.

    One last thing, if you hear someone holler FORE!!, duck and cover. Good luck.


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