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Thread: Recovery fee?

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    Jun 2016
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    For free, but hopefully they let you search the yard for your own finds too. If you find the object they're looking for, it's nice to get a tip depending on value of object.

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    Mar 2019
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    Don't forget potential liability issues that could arise because insurance policies don't always cover injuries or negligent actions that occur during the course of commercial activities (which is what an insurance company may argue when you have a paid metal detectorist hunting on private property for a fee).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeff of pa View Post
    ... "I Don't refuse donations"
    That's what I do too. I just say: "Whatever tip you think is fair. And nothing if I'm unsuccessful" . Depends on the amount of travel time involved too.
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    Jan 2012
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    Feb 2017
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    My answer is depends........

    If I'm out somewhere and somebody comes up to me and says "can you help me, I've just lost so and so", then ya I'll pop over and see what I can do for free.

    This actually happened to me last year at a beach. A woman approached me and asked me if I could search her property for a lost gold ring as they were moving house in a few days, and likely wouldn't get another chance. I spent a few hours walking around her property, but sadly came up with nothing.

    She said to me that I could anything I found but the ring, so I was okay with that.

    The bonus to that part of the story is, even though I didn't find the ring, she has invited me to search her new beach front property this year. Oh and she gave me a ton of frozen raspberries for my few hours work.

    Story 2

    I had somebody contact me though another website and ask if I could search a family farm for anything that relates to WWI or WWII, family heirlooms, old coins and jewellery.

    I mentioned that it would take me days if not weeks to cover all that ground, and what was in it for me if they were going to keep everything but the scrap iron?

    His reply was oh I thought it would just take a few hours and I could give you $20.00 for your time. LOL.......

    In the end it was agreed that he could keep all the Military stuff as that was his main priority, and that I could keep everything else. I made a promise to myself that if anything had a name on it that related to the family, I would give it back to him without compensation.

    Turns out he doesn't live on the property anymore, and that the old guy that lives there has lost his marbles and thinks that I want to steal his copper cables?!? Hahahahaha.......

    As you likely have already figured out the hunt didn't happen, but it sure opened my eyes to what people think our time is worth.
    Treasure is where you find it, trash is where they left it.



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