Weird coin spill
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Thread: Weird coin spill

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    Jun 2018
    Victoria, BC
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    Weird coin spill

    Out in one of our local municipal parks today and came upon such a weird coin spill. I was in moist, moist rich dark soil... great for growing stuff but not so much for seeing things buried in the earth. I sounded out a coin... pretty sure it was a dime and not that deep... maybe 3 inches or so. I dug down shallow and couldn't see a blessed thing... the dirt was so wet and sticky that all I had was a big dirt smush. So I used my pinpointer to find the general spot then found the dime. Was happy... waved my detector over the spot again just to be sure and had another beep... but this time it was sorta thick foil sound... but the hole was already there so I poked back into the lovely big wet lump and found a twoonie... then a dime... then a quarter... then 3 dimes... all almost on top of each other... but it sort seemed like each coin was masking the next one... came out in the end with $7 bucks worth of change... nothing special but my coin jar was much happier.

    Ok... so the question is... do coins settle like that normally or was this just a weird happenstance... you know... everything pretty much covering up what was below it. I've run into spills before but they're always side by side or a short (1/2 inch) distance from each other. I've never had this big clump.

    Anyways... great day... coins, a few hours of fresh air and a much healthier feeling after the fact.
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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    fun pocket spill story. The way you described them as "stacked", I was going to get a coin roll (in those paper sleeves) where the paper has since disintegrated. But then it became multiple denomination and types coins, that blew that theory . Sounds like just a super tightly packed pocket spill.
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    Oct 2015
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    could have been coins in a small paper bag. Bag gets dropped or sat down, bag disintegrates from the elements and coins settle over time. Even a small cloth pouch would have the same effect.
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    Sep 2012
    North MS
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    I like Ammomanís idea. Never come across a coin spill like that either. Were you using a brass probe to poke around in that clumpy mess?
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    Jun 2018
    Victoria, BC
    White's Treasure Master and a Makro Kruzer
    163 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Just my fingers... I cut and drew out the plug as best I could... it was kinda mushy... I couldn't really see anything specific so I used the pin pointer and it gave me a coin... imagine sticking your fingers into a big pudding... it's sticky and kinda slimy and there are no noticeable shapes... just a wet patch of earth in mud form.

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    Jul 2015
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    Coins of different metallic composition will give off strange reading or block the signal from the coin below. Try a nickel on top of a silver dime or quarter.
    Congratulations on your spill.

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    Dec 2015
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    Ive found huge spills before its cool just wish they were silver more often
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