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Thread: Any of you guys ever get in trouble with Johnny Law because of metal detecting

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    Ok, sure fire way not to get hassled by LEO, carry a little red sharps biohazard container and let them know you are retrieving used needles ( and all the old coins etc) and they will leave you be. Probably only works on sports fields, but you never know.
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    One of my regular hunting partners in the 80's was a K-9 officer. We got the benefit of professional courtesy once.

    A fellow member of a club at the time was actually arrested for theft when he tried to return a woman's class ring he had found in a park. After finding the owner and making arrangements to return the ring to her, he was arrested trying to do the right thing. She claimed the ring was stolen from her home. A few of us took the day off to show our support for him when it went to court. The case was dismissed and leaving the courthouse, we saw the woman smooching with her boyfriend - the arresting officer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Happa54 View Post
    From my experience.... here in Los Angeles and suburbs, I have never been approached by LE for MD'ing in any city or county park. My 2 brothers are LE and couldn't give a damn because it is something we do wherein it does not harm others. I always waive at the guys in patrol cars and park rangers and they simply waive back. I had one incident from an on-site park superintendent who simply didn't like MD'ers in the park. He was nice enough with his approach and I simply obliged him and left. There are too many places to hunt for me to challenge him... isn't worth the argument. I can always go back on his off day, which is most likely on a Sunday. If I see a vacant lot with no fencing or signs, I may put on my orange vest and hunt it.... just depends on the feel of the area. This is where you use your best judgement. All in all, in my neck of the woods, MD'ing is pretty much hassle free.

    I will add this; a hunting partner of mine was hunting a park when suddenly surrounded by LE who drew their guns and had him on the ground. They received a call from someone who said he was carrying an assault rifle through the park. LE also questioned about the Lesche on his side since it looks pretty intimidating in it's sheath on his hip. I was not with him at the time but we both laughed as he described the incident. Pretty crazy !!
    And the cops who responded couldn't tell the difference between a metal detector and an assault rifle? Do they pull their weapons on a park worker using a weed whacker?
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