Finding Landowner for Ghost Town
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Thread: Finding Landowner for Ghost Town

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    May 2016
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    Finding Landowner for Ghost Town

    So I was researching places to Metal Detect in Texas and a site recommended old ghost towns. This made a lot of sense to me. I looked some up and found some I would be interested in giving a shot. The problem is, most are on private land so I need to ask permission but I canít figure out who owns the land because:

    1. I donít have an address since the town doesnít exist. All I have is longitude and latitude.

    2. It would be a lot of work to drive a couple of hours to try and find the owner, and if I am able, to potentially be told no.

    Any recommendations on figuring out who the land owners are so I can properly ask for permission to metal detect on their land?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Check to see if Fetch GIS is available for that county, if so then thatll give you starting point on who owns the land..
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    Sometying like onx hunt should work.....within the free trial time.

    Its like an internet based plat map.
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    Feb 2016
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    2nd the GIS advice its free. Just google the county name and gis or egis and hopefully they have a map where you can search by address or long/lat and get the property owner name, taxes, etc.

    Then it gets a little tricky you might have to whitepages the owners name and with a little luck find an email or phone number.

    I am so far from Texas if you want to PM me a county in Texas I could give it a shot for you.

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    Since you know the county and the location, contact the tax collect for the names of owners in that area. By overlaying a map on your GPS, that should get you close.

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    May 2016
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    I was looking at Alabama, TX. With GIS, I found it was originally given to Elisha Clapp but he passed away a long time ago. I donít want to be a pest and contact everyone with name clapp from Crockett so Iím stuck again.

    All that being said, I will give a phone call to the tax accessor and see what they say.

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    Mar 2018
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    You can usually find that info on the local county GIS website for the county it is located in...So in other words...if you know the county or township it is located just have to poke around on the web until you find the correct GIS website... Should give you some info as to who actually owns the land currently...


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    Jun 2019
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    Maybe, I signed up and it shows a lot of properties, and owners, mostly out of city limits.

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    Apr 2019
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    I use Think GIS. Think GIS contains a lot of information and displays boundaries on an aerial photo view.

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    The County Clerks Office should have the information you need. Good luck!
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