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    Steve's Detector Rods. C/G, FULCRUM


    I am new to detecting and a proud owner of a new Equinox 800. I was very impressed with Steve's product line and thoughtful summaries of balance issues with detectors!

    As a model aircraft enthusiast, the "balance" or center of gravity (c/g) is critical to flight and stability of aircraft. In that hobby, as here, when the plane is nose-heavy, we lengthen the tail portion of the fuselage or add weight to the existing tail end. Just as Steve does with counter weights at the handle end of the detector......and it takes a considerable amount, increasing overall weight.

    I have no real issue with the stock design, but I have nothing to compare it with other than my old detector (MinelaB xterra) - and the new one seems light as a feather!

    This leads me to questions regarding the weight savings of Steve's carbon tubes v. stock, and therefore lessening the amount of weight needed to counterbalance properly, v. the stock tubes. And, as us modelers know, it would take much less weight in the rear - if the rear tube was lengthened for the needed weight (say 12 inches) (per his fulcrum anology).

    Make the lengthening tube as light as possible with all the weight a solid lead cylinder. It may also be beneficial to angle the extension downward to keep the c/g low, counteracting any rolling moments. A true c/g at the fulcrum (handle) probably is not desireable as this keeps the forearm in the cup (I rarely us the strap as it is not necessary.

    Just some thoughts. I can't tell you how great it is to have such a competent vender such as Steve, making incredibly high quality products for us! Remember I am a beginner - this could all be old irrelevant conversation to you experienced guys! I will also likely be a customer of his, especially if he can make a counter-weighted "extension" and thereby, perhaps, keep the overall weight the same as stock. And the shafts are so pretty!

    Best regards to all, Thurman



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