Ordered 1 metal detector , they sent me 3
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Thread: Ordered 1 metal detector , they sent me 3

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    Sep 2014
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    Ordered 1 metal detector , they sent me 3

    I ordered this cheap metal detector online because the thing cost less than I could buy a rod for and I only wanted the rod for my custom detector I am making, I figure I might take the control box apart and make a custom pinpointer thingy., . Today I open the big box they sent me and there are three of these machines in there. Good Grief, the child in me wants to keep them but I know I just can't. Bummer, I hate mailing packages.
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    May 2011
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    If I was in your place I would contact the company and get some shipping labels.
    Not a huge deal for me to pack them back in the original box and drop them off somewhere, I am willing to do that.
    If the company wants me to pay for postage back to them when they made the mistake, well, they will be waiting for a very long time.

    If these things are from some Chinese company then I would consider them yours to do with what you will because shipping just about anything from here to there is usually too expensive on something this cheap even for the company that sent you them.
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    It’s good to know there are MEN left in the world who have a conscience. That being said, leave it up to them what they’d like to do. The rod looks like a Compadre chassis, which is what I use for my chest mounted Explorer2. A nice light S-rod really is a nice setup...
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    I don't believe you have a legal obligation to return items you didn't order. But, I first would check your receipt, invoice, credit card to make sure you didn't accidentally order three of them.
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    Chinese companies somethimes do that to get rid of older stocks they do not intend to sell any more. Contact them politely. I once ordered a ham DIY transciever kit, i got 2 pcbs and a bag of parts for 3+ of them. I contacted them, and was told to keep it, i gave them 5 stars and a good comment.

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    Under no obligation to return (as long as you didn't order or pay for 2/3). Often not worth double shipping costs. I once ordered 57 books on antiques for something like $800 and they send me 2 of everything. Sold duplicates and came out even, more or less. It is also possible that they purposely sent you 3 because the units are poorly reliable and sometimes 3 make 1!
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    Nov 2017
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    I use to have one of these it's basic beginer's detector but in no way bad or nonreliable.

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    Is it possible they had guilt pangs and sent three to cover the cost of one? ╦╦C
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    Apr 2007
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    Keep them, they look Chinese, I doubt if they will even pay shipping to return them..Ive had similar things happen from Amazon with Lasers.....They just don't care...
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    An honest man I give you an Honorable mention vote We all make mistakes and hope someone would do the same for us..
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    Jul 2010
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    I would not do anything else besides keep it all, and make the sender "ask."



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