Hoard discovered but detectorists get jail time.
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Thread: Hoard discovered but detectorists get jail time.

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    Hoard discovered but detectorists get jail time.

    I might of did the same thing. Hard to give that up. https://www.ancient-origins.net/news...orists-0012674
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    Kind of difficult to resist that. I know what I would have done.
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    Truth thanks for the video ....My saying once they cheated the land owner they got what they deserve ..
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    what happened yrs ago - father and son out west went into a secret canyon - found a small cave - went in - found an old wells fargo chest from 1800s
    they opened it and it had gold bars marked U.S. - they took it home and tried to sell a few - wrong or right people found out (depending home you look at it)
    and investigated - turned out bars were stolen from stage coach just like in the movies and hidden away - robbers must have been caught or died
    - but turned out the cave was on Indian land too - both I think are serving time
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    Marked US and Indian land ...Lucky but not to smart ...Greed makes people stupid fast ......its only illegal after you get caught
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    Patience may have been a Problem for me, But since Britain actually Buys Or Gives
    the Finds Back, I Don't quite feel sorry For their Arrests.

    It is not like the Archies there Just Steal your finds , Box them up & either let them Rot, Or sell them
    for pay raises.
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    I have no sympathy for them also. By law of the treasure trove an independent panel deems treasure trove and values the treasure. If you not happy with the valuation you can contest the valuation and by your own expense commission another independent panel to value the find. In essence the valuation will be divided between the landholder and finders. 3.7 million dollars USD split between landholder and finders would of gave them equal share of 1.85 million dollars. According to treasure trove the money would been in their bank account 12 months after determination of value.

    Ask yourself would you stick your nose up at a share of 1.8 million with no fear of legal prosecution?

    But greed got in the way by hoping to cut out the landholder and government.

    While for some it might be tempting? But the harsh reality selling ancient coins and artifacts have a very limited market. And are much harder to sell than most people can imagine. The Average Joe does not have money to buy such coins. Most dealers and reputable auction houses require Provence of such items. They have more to lose than you. It would not take long for some one to rat you out.

    So in effect the finders through their own greed is going to get jail time instead of a guilt free share of 1.8 million.

    To me that was a unnecessary dumb move. And people to never to do business with because they allowed greed to cloud their judgement.

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    what makes this case distressing is that the finders, as Kanacki observed, had merely to follow the law and they would have been rewarded

    stupidity and greed are toxic
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