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    Nov 2019
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Now for a large find.....When I was in the USAF stationed in Germany we found a body with a metal detector ! (Actually it was during a US/German metal detectoring club field trip). Our German member hit metal at 7 inches and he stated that it was the size of a silver dollar as we were ever so careful not to dig up anything metal due to live ordnance from WWI and WWII. Since his screen said something like a coin on it we let him dig it up as we stood back 30 yards or so. He said he hit a top of a sword or bayonet or a railroad tie (We were 20 feet away from an old RR track).... Well he shimmied it out of the ground and it was indeed a bayonet or a sword...as we all grouped in closer to see the item... He kicked it against the side of his boot to get the excess dirt off it and then our "Old German" man of the group immediately called it -- it was a bayonet from WWI ! (1914-1919)... The German who dug it out was really happy as these things go for a lot or Euros ! As the German started to bury up the hole the "Old German" asked him what he was doing...The younger German replied by saying "There's no more metal down here I'm burying the hole back up"... The old German replied "Man there's probably a soldier under there keep on digging!" We were all astonished.... we all pitched in helping him dig deeper and sure enough there was a skeleton with a mostly decomposed uniform on! The German police were called in as we immediately stopped digging...The called in the foreinsics crew etc. and it was indeed a WWI soldier who died in combat ! The Old German said what the did back in the day was they hastedly did makeshift wartime graves and once the body was buried they would stick the soldier's rifle in the ground bayonet first then put his helmet on the butt of the rifle...then what happen when the area was safe looters etc. would try and steal the rifles etc. by grabbing them quickly out of the ground....With this particular soldier, the looter pulled the rifle at a sharp angle and a quick speed and broke off the bayonet from the rifle and the bayonet stayed in the ground for approximately 92 years. Note: The grandkids invited us to the funeral 3 weeks later (They somehow found out his ID dog tag (That was missed by the detector I suppose or paperwork that the elements did not deteriorate). It was by far my best metal detector experience ever overseas or stateside!

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    Nov 2019
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Note: Had countless joint U.S./German field trips...Lost count on how many 3rd Reich Nazi coins we found....Found numerous Prussian and Roman coins as well. They always seem to give us the Nazi coins as Germans I was told at the time were really not allowed to have them or if they did they had to register them so they did not want to hassle with that so they just gave them to us Americans to take back stateside as sovieneirs.


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