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Thread: Shocked by amount of Trash

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    Jan 2018
    North Atlanta
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    Quote Originally Posted by AstralDruid View Post
    While we're on the trash subject... i think condom/Sheath makers should have a hard look at themselves... These things need to be made of something that dissolves more quickly and the wrapper should not be foil.... the amount of used ones put back into the foil and chucked is unbelievable..and not a nice find.
    same goes for some chocolate brand that makes the chocolate pieces look like gold coins and wrapped in thick foil. A park recreation field I hunt is littered with those. They have competition games for kids and give them these chocolate/foil coins as a prize. Well you know what the kids do. Unwrap, eat and drop foil.

    You know the environmental groups seem to be so worried about plastic waste, but never seem to ever have a campaign about pull tabs, pop tops, screw tops and foil.
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    Apr 2009
    Cumberland Va
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    Trash holds the treasure , I dig my best finds in trashy areas , wide open woods with very few signals gave up the goods years ago. I also do well in the poison ivy and briar patch

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    Nov 2019
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    It is pretty sad what people do the environment. At least there’s people like you to clean up after the messy ones.
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    Jun 2019
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    Im in Thailand right now, this place is a 3rd world trashpit, in the Chao Praya river behind my hotel i can count the plastic trash bogs floating down the river from the 11th floor dining area, these folks just dont give a s.....t...

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    Aug 2016
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    Here in Michigan, we pay a $.10 deposit on cans and bottles when we purchase our favorite beverages. I wish they would change it to $.25! It wouldn't deter the useless litterbugs from throwing their cans and bottles on the ground, but I could quickly and easily pay for more fishing or detecting equipment by picking up after them!
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    Jan 2012
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    just some examples of trashy hunts - I use a lot of these pictures when I hear of towns or
    states thinking of banning detecting - they have helped in stopping a few votes
    most of this is from water hunts
    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "


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