Need metal detecting advice :)
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Thread: Need metal detecting advice :)

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    Judd Sansaver

    Feb 2020
    bend oregon
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    Talking Need metal detecting advice :)

    Hey guys hows it going my name is Judd and i am from bend Oregon I've been gold panning and treasure/crystal hunting most of my life. I just bought a metal detector i have tried it out at parks trails and the river and have found a few little things here and there. If anyone has any tips on locations in my area or any advice for a first time metal detector i would be great full to take in some of the knowledge. Thanks Happy treasure hunting!
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    Nov 2018
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    Always fill your holes...
    Welcome to Tnet...
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    Aug 2016
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    Welcome to T-Net from Michigan! First of all, always have permission where you detect. I can't speak for the parks near you, but if they haven't posted signs like this...

    Name:  Detecting Sign.jpg
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    then go ahead and detect. Signs like this are the result of someone that is not filling in the holes they dug to remove a target. Learn how to dig a plug, remove the target and put everything back so nobody would know you were ever there, and always remove all trash you dig or find on the ground.

    Check online to see if your state allows detecting in State Parks. Usually, they limit where you can detect.

    If you're after some old Silver coins, get permission from a home owner who's home has been around for a quite a few years before 1965.

    Don't be concerned with the amount of trash you find in the ground (pulltabs especially). A large percentage of our population never got the message, "Don't Litter!"

    Put some coins and some trash target in the ground on your property, so you can see how your detector responds to each target.
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    Feb 2020
    Eastern Ohio
    XP Deus * Minelab E-Trac
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    Metal Detecting
    Always get permission to hunt an area and fill in your holes.
    Leave a site as clean or cleaner then when you got there.
    Picking up a few pieces of trash during your hunt is really good PR for the hobby.
    One person going into a public area with a big shovel or making a mess, makes us all look bad and can get everyone banded from a good site !

    Good Hunting !
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    Charter Member

    Dec 2015
    Ann Arbor
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    Make a test garden in your yard bury some coins pop tops ect learn your machine when you go somewhere dont leave signs that you were ever there pick up all garbage you dig. Have fun research research research. Good luck. Tommy
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    Nov 2012
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    Welcome to the hobby. I like sports fields, bleachers, and concession areas, as well as schools, especially if they are old. You will dig new coins, old ones, and jewelry from time to time. Having alot of targets in these areas, including the trash, will help you learn your detector. But always detect like someone is watching, and by that I mean what everybody has already said, fill your holes. They sell shovels to dig with, and hand trowels as well. I use a hand trowel, it draws less attention to me when I hunt these areas. Also if you haven't learned already, learn to dig a flap when you dig for an object, and if you dont have one yet, get a pinpointer, almost a necessity if you want to dig neat holes and leave an area without someone knowing you were there.

    Good luck and happy hunting!
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    EQ8 is offline
    Feb 2020
    Sw Wisconsin
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    Welcome from Sunny frigid Wisconsin..
    I could add to what the others have said..... well, ...nothing!
    Have fun!
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    "Is that a Geiger Counter?"

    Feb 2006
    South Central Upstate NY in the foothills of the headlands
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    Hunt where people would have gone and reached into their pockets.

    Or, hunt where people might have taken off a jacket and draped it over a low fence while doing something (tot lots, ballfields, basketball courts, parks).

    Look at old postcards or photographs (your local library or historical society) for old picnic grounds, fair grounds, airshows, carnivals, circus events, etc.
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    Feb 2013
    Flagstaff, AZ
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    I've had good luck hunting parking strips (the strip of dirt between the sidewalk and curb). In many locations they are city property, but you will want to confirm that in your town. Older neighborhoods will have silvers/old coins in those strips. If it looks well manicured, I'll skip over it. As already mentioned, older parks, ballfields, and fairgrounds are great locations as long as it's not off limits. Door knocking for permissions is another option, though that isn't something I like to do. In my area there are lots of old railroad/mining camps that have been productive for coins and relics. That ought to at least get you started with some ideas, good luck!
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