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Thread: Affordable Metal Detector

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    Cool Affordable Metal Detector

    Hello everyone!

    I'm in the market for my first metal detector. I live on the East Coast in NC and am primarily interested in searching in wet/damp sand, shallow water/creekbeds/tidelines, and mud. Basically the beach and marshlands, with some creeks. Though eventually, I will probably want to venture out to parks and battlefields, so if there is a good all-purpose metal detector that excels in wet environments and dry that would be ideal.

    My price range is around $400 or so, though the Nox 800 has caught my eye so I may save up for that. I don't necessarily need something with a gold option, but if it has one for an affordable price, that's great too. From the small research I did, I think a VLF detector will be best, please correct me if I am wrong.

    Thank you for your time and suggestions!
    - M

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    If waterproof is a must the new cheap nokta simplex has gotten great reviews for the price ~$255. Or the wet sand comment minelab vanquish is coming out soon. (Only available now in the $500 package or the base model $199 exclusively through dicks website) the 540 for ~$370 isn’t available yet. Minelab vanquish all models even the $199 are multi frequency. Making it IMO one of the best new entry level machines.
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    The Equinox 600 is less expensive than the 800 and might suit your needs too.
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    The 600 is nice.
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    EQ-600. Decent price for a great machine.
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    Agree with Oregon Digger; since price is a main concern, wait a few months for the Vanquish 340/440/540 series to come out (all on back order) and you can get the 340 for about $200, the 340 for about $300 and 540 for about $450 (you can read the instruction manual for the 440/540 on the Kellyco web site). The main advantage is that the Vanquish is the least expensive multi frequency machine that can handle salt water. Don't let anyone convince you that a single frequency machine (called a VLF) can handle salt water - they can't! Well, I guess that they can if you turn them off or lower the sensitivity so you detect very little.
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