73 Quarter Hunt
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Thread: 73 Quarter Hunt

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    Aug 2010
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    73 Quarter Hunt

    I generally like to look for older stuff, but waiting for more crops to come out for some older places to detect. So yesterday I went to the middle school a couple of blocks away just to be able to swing the coil. I'm guessing I stumbled upon where they have had an Easter hunt with money instead of candy. I kept finding small piles of change which were mostly quarters just beneath the grass, no digging required. Most of the piles had a few coins to a little over a dollar. So I ended up with $20.85 total with 73 quarters and one $1 coin. If I'd known I had 73 as the count for quarters I would have stuck it out for two more to make it 75.

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    Feb 2016
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    Nearly $21 on a hunt is better than we can usually expect and if a person figured in gas money to and from plus batteries I'd say you were well ahead. Good going on a day well spent.....er ah maybe I should say well earned

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    Jan 2014
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    Steve, I had a similar experience last week at a local park amphitheater, the ground was littered with quarters but I had to dig an inch or two for them. Ended the hunt with 65 quarters.
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    I don't remember the exact number of quarters on my best clad day in Atlanta, but I used to hit 40 on a regular basis and call it a day, before I moved to a rural location. Amazing how much clad has built up in places not being detected because they probably don't have any silver in them. Congrats on hitting 73!!!



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