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Thread: Laws about detecting curb strips (AKA Road Verge) in your area.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArfieBoy View Post
    In my town we call them "parking strips." The city owns the land from the sidewalk out to the street, but the property owner is required to maintain the strip. And, yes, many property owners think they own the strip. One of the best ways I have found is to ask the homeowner nicely for permission to hunt the strip. In their mind it is no different than asking to hunt their lawn, and many will grant you permission. But... some won't!
    I LOVE this answer and I’ll tell you why! IF I had a curb strip in front of my house, I would have to take care of it and therefore have more of a “stake” in it than some “random dude”. Now...if a random dude comes along and starts messing with it...I might not like that. Not because of what they are actually doing, but because they didn’t ask ME, the guy who has a bigger interest in it than him, to mess with it! Me being me, if a person got ahold of me and asked if messing with it would be OK, I wouldn’t care as long as it wasn’t messed UP.
    The whole idea of ASKING the homeowner who takes care of it just seems like common sense. Even though they might not technically own it, why stuff that fact in their face while horsing around in the strip they just mowed? And IF someone were to say you know how many curb strips there are? Too many for ALL of us to effectively detect in our combined lifetimes. Just ask the next one! It’s a really simple “out” without getting anyone else involved over what would seem to many police as a “petty matter”. What Arfie suggested is the only way to hunt with guaranteed respect for the hobby. We respectfully move along when asked to, we respectfully take care of the ones we are allowed to hunt. And as just might get the entire yard for being respectful.

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    I love hunting sidewalk strips. My town has no problem with it and I really don't care about the looks. I do know down in SC some towns won't let you detect them. Have at it until they tell you you can't and show you the ordinance!
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