Equinox 600 not detecting fine white gold necklace?
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Thread: Equinox 600 not detecting fine white gold necklace?

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    Mar 2021
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    Equinox 600 not detecting fine white gold necklace?


    I recently received an Equinox 600 as a gift and have been experimenting with it and using some of the features. Let it be known that this is my first time owning a metal detector/using one. I have an issue with it not picking up a fine white gold necklace with a diamond pendant also held on by white gold. I thought it might be to small to read so I put two fine white gold necklaces in my had which seemed to be a substantial amount of metal (size of a quarter in palm) and still nothing. I tried it on all modes on factory presets. It could be user error. Or is there some perfect adjustments that I can try. In addition it does read my wifeís white gold ring.

    Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Nov 2016
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    I haven't had the luck to find a small gold chain, but i've read that many detectors won't pick up those small fine gold chains so it may not be anything you are doing wrong.
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    Small thin metal is a challenge for any detector, especially if laid out flat.

    Not sure if there are any specific tweaks for the nox, generally for any detector you'd want to jack up sensitivity, swing very slow and dig any repeating signal to increase your odds - Price you pay is more time, and a chattery machine that may be prone to falsing.

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    Mar 2011
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    The necklace is not seen as a whole, as in the combined links, but rather as the largest individual piece.....usually the clasp. If it has a metal pendant, that also would be something for the detector to pick up on. Since yours is the 600 and doesn't have the gold modes or individual gold frequencies that the 800 has (but still has the gold frequencies in multi) I'd use Field 2 in multi, horseshoe on, Iron Bias at FE-0 or F2-0, 6" coil if you have it, and sensitivity up as high as you can stand. See if that works. If not, you'll need the 800 or a detector designed for small gold, like a Gold Bug which has high frequencies that low conductors favor.
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    I believe it is the metals besides the gold a detector is actually picking up. My F75 will pick up chains but I can se a nox now for larger pieces. You can spend a lot of time looking for small pieces. Not saying you canít detect gold but mine finds ear ring size stuff and up

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    Mar 2021
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    Thanks all for your responses. I will definitely try tweaking it a little bit to see if it will pick it up.



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