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    Cache Found

    First good cache. There is only 29 pennys showed but there were actual 58 found. I know this has almost no money value but the sentimental value is HUGE . Let me explain. My friend and I found these while detecting of course. There was a tornado in 1989 in our city of Huntsville. It left devastating destruction. It killed 13 people and ruined hundreds of houses and buildings. We were MDing the woods right were the tornado went through in hope of finding gold. There was a jewelry store that blew away completely and all of the coins and jewelry blew away with it also. But instead we found these pennies which we know are from the tornado because all are 70-80s
    pennies within a square foot. None dating over 89 the year of the tornado. We could sell these for way more than face value but we would rather keep them or have them mounted in the brick wall that has a plaque of all the people that died. Everytime I pick those pennies up I feel like a energy and saddens goes through me. Jonathan
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    Re: Cache Found

    Way to go! Good homework! Now go find that gold and jewelry. It's gotta be there somewhere! HH
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    Re: Cache Found

    There was a jewelry store that blew away during the hurricanes down here in Fla, but I don't think they will let me hunt there! Great finds HH omnicognic 8)
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    Re: Cache Found

    Way To Go.......Keep Searching.........There is alot more OUT THERE ! & Nice Digs

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    Re: Cache Found

    I live in Eva, AL and being a weather enthusiast, I'm very familiar with the Huntsville tornado of 1989. Sites where disasters have occurred are places that I feel are often overlooked as being potential hot spots. I've never had many chances to hunt areas such as this, but I did hunt a site that was struck by a tornado in 1957. I thought that there would at least be a few silver coins that had been scattered by the storm, but I only found a few coins that predated the tornado, including a 1941 mercury dime. Keep looking, I'm sure that there are some real finds scattered through those woods downwind of the damage.

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    Quick, I need more coins to hunt:)

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    Re: Cache Found

    Congrads on the cache!!!
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