What do you think of this meteorite ad?
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    What do you think of this meteorite ad?

    In a coin magazine from a reputable dealer:

    "1576 AD meteorite shower - Huge, 10" long, 27.5 pound iron meteorite from the Campo del Cielo crater field in Argentina. One of the few available meteorite sources available in which the actual event was witnessed by humans and recorded by historians. Slowly shedding tiny flakes of iron rust as it adapts to its new environment on earth [sic] after being in space for billions of years. Mind bending to contemplate....................................... .......$1977."

    Comments? I'm not planning to buy, BTW.
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    Re: What do you think of this meteorite ad?

    Campo irons are worth about $100 per kilogram on the market - depending on quality of the specimen.

    If this specimen is rusting, then that would lower the value somewhat. If the oxidation is very bad, then the value might be as low as $25-$50 per kilogram.

    FWIW, a rusting meteorite is a major problem. Simply cleaning off the surface oxidation does not fix the issue. The meteorite must be completely decontaminated to stabilize it and prevent further oxidation. I know someone who does this conservation work and is very good at it. He can save the sickest meteorites. So if you do take a chance on a rusty iron and want it fixed, contact me via email and I can put you in touch with him.

    Best regards,

    Galactic Stone & Ironworks Meteorites - http://www.galactic-stone.com



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