You couldnt tell a crater from a hole in the ground......or can you?
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Thread: You couldnt tell a crater from a hole in the ground......or can you?

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    You couldn't tell a crater from a hole in the ground......or can you?

    I couldn't think of a better place to ask this.

    I had a thought while overhearing a conversation about about FT3 and our impending doom

    There's this place i know, out in never never land northern Michigan. A place usually frequented by ATV's, and that's about it. I used it as a shooting spot for uncontrolled fire.

    I never really thought much of it till they were talking about craters, and it just popped in my head. It was followed by the thought, "Nature doesn't create straight lines, 90 degree angles......does it create nearly perfect, spherical holes in the dirt?"

    I can't really get a picture of it at the moment, because I can't get into to the area for a while. The best I can do for now is crop it out of a topo map. It was pine forest until about 6-8 years ago when it was clear cut. The land around it is relatively flat +/-5 feet or so, and further out surrounded by glacially formed ridges. It's about 400 feet across, and 40 feet deep in a nice spherical bowl shape.

    The straight line on the north side is an old railroad grade laid in 1892, and abandoned in 1932, it's now a sand road, not passable without a 4x4 and good sand tires. There is no reason for this hole to be man made, They had to bring fill to here (from the north side) to create the bed, and there are no major fill sites within a reasonable distance.

    The line measure across it, was created with Google Earth to generate the elevation profile.

    What do you think? Just natural oddity?

    It would have required a nearly square on impact to make such a nice circle.

    The only thing that has me thinking its natural is the lack of the dirt that would have filled it, but I don't know much about craters as to know how that would have been deposited onto the surrounding landscape. Would it appear as a visibly sharp ridge, or a hard to determine slow rise?

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    There are many shapes in the natural world. Circles are but one. A circular depression in the ground could be natural erosion, glacial movement, or in my part of the west, volcanic event. A meteorite impact is also possible, but less likely than other natural features. To determine which would take on site evaluation by people more knowledgeable and experienced than me. There are, of course, other reasons for circular depressions that I will let you get from the geologists that may answer.

    Time for more coffee.
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    Google kettle lakes, or glacial kettles. You have them in Michigan. I understand many of the small lakes in Michigan are kettles. Of course, limestone sink holes can form circular depressions, but I don't think you have those there. A meteorite could cause such a thing, and I'm sure there are still many undiscovered impact craters in the world.

    I think you're right, a small crater like that would be oblong, unless hit dead on. Larger impact craters, such as meteorite crater in Arizona, is formed by the material vaporizing on impact, and all such craters are circular, regardless of angle of impact.

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    Down here we get sinkholes that are very round from above.

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    It could be either. I saw a documentary last week on meteorite impacts and their craters and the rings are similar.

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    Younger Dryas Comet storm - one of the major impacts is now known as Saginaw Bay - 12,800 years ago, not that far back.

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    There is one known meteorite crater in Michigan. It's the Calvin Crater and it's in southern Michigan about 30 miles Northeast of South Bend Indiana.

    You can see all the known meteorite craters (and known meteorite falls) on the Land Matters Meteorite map.
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