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Thread: New hunting area?

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    Jul 2011
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    New hunting area?

    Here is a question for the experts
    Do you think hunting for meteorites in a dry lake bed is worth the effort?

    this is what I am thinking:
    first, there must be far more meteorites waiting to be discovered than have been to date, so where are they?
    the stony ones usually get dissolved and incorporated into the ground over time and are lost to us, but the irons and some stony irons last longer, however, they to can rust away to nothing, which is why the deserts are a good place to hunt.
    the dry lake beds were very alkaline prior to them becoming dry and Iron will not rust in an alkaline environment, so a meteorite which lands in the lake would likely become submerged in the bottom alkaline mud and even after the lake drys up, it would still be preserved.
    most hunters just look on the surface for meteorites, but what about looking just below the surface of the lake bed?
    There could be lots of them there, or maybe not?
    love to read some opinions
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    May 2010
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    I'd say you are right, alan. Dried lake beds are a great place to look for meteorites.
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    Jun 2014
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    First, You should check some information about falling stars at old church books, museum or something like that.
    Old meteorites were found in mines, on deep decks and were very degraded because they fall hundred years ago or milion years ago.
    I can tell You that I have meteorite found at swamp (about 30cm deep) which has 150 years, stony and it looks pretty well (rusty but inside low degradation).
    Conclusion, if You sure that it's high possibility of fallen meteorite in a dry lake just try to find.
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    Good hunting



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