Rio Ondo cerca de Rio Arriba, Jalisco.
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Thread: Rio Ondo cerca de Rio Arriba, Jalisco.

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    Nov 2005
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    Rio Ondo cerca de Rio Arriba, Jalisco.

    Rio Ondo cerca de Rio Arriba, Jalisco.

    Apparently Papagrande Prieto treated his family, servants and peones as the ruler of his domain alike and was something of a miser by hoarding gold and silver coins and hid his treasures under a corn bin.

    Chonito told the story of how his apagrande Don Prieto heard that the French were 'conquering' Mexico and lusting after Jalisco and its beautiful women, but not without the taking it's precious gold and silver, first.

    His grandfather took quick action. He and his trusted servant Panfilo extracted the precious coins they had hidden. But not before sending everyone to the river to not be able to learn
    what they were doing.

    Don Prieto and his servant Panfilo sacked and loaded a big strong donkey them. They were seen but quickly disappeared as the evening sun fell. Finally his grandfather sights a place to bury his assets; but he told Panfilo that he had to wait for him, because he didn't want him to know where he buried it.

    With so much time having passed Panfilo was sound asleep when Prieto came back.
    Life went on with Don Prieto and decided to leave his wealth hidden until an appropriate time.

    Chonito then told of how his grandfather remained fit clear up to the time he was 101 and wasn't about to contemplate on his mortality. Especially when he went around riding like the younger men his on a white horse. However as hard luck would have it, his horse started running towards a small rock wall and was unable to stop it before hitting the fence, throwing his papagrande over and falling on his head.

    He lived though he was paralyzed and speechless. And was never able to tell anyone where he buried his treasure. Not even Panfilo had the slightest idea where it was still buried.
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