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    shadow x2

    i am a beginner, about 1 month now. i have a shadow x2 detector. i am wondering if this is a decent detector.? i have found some coins. mostly pennies, a few dimes but nothing real old... and alot of junk. i went down to one of Muskegon boat launches, i live across the street from the river, and found some coins there but i left because it got real busy. I am wondering if it is permitted to detect at the boat launches.?
    I am hooked on the hobby. What a fun way to spend a nice day!

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    Feb 2005
    Menominee, Michigan
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    Re: shadow x2

    never used one but have read good things about them.
    where's the good stuff

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    Feb 2005
    On the big Muskegon River in W. Michigan
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    Re: shadow x2

    Hi Marychristine,

    Welcome to the hobby.

    I live in Michigan on the Muskegon River and detect public (state owned) boat launches up and down the river all the time and have never had a problem. The exception is State Parks. Most have specific designated areas where you can detect and some don't allow it at all so it's best to ask.

    I'm not familiar with your detector but if you are finding coins along with the pulltabs and other junk, then it's only a matter of hangin in there and the good stuff will come.

    BTW...Canoe landings are good places to try. Canoers lose a lot of stuff.

    "The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory"    (Paul Fix)



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