Modified my Ole XS from 1/8" jack to 1/4" jack
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    Modified my Ole XS from 1/8" jack to 1/4" jack

    About two months ago I replaced my original 1/8" jack receptacle with a new one from Radio Shack, after 8 years of hard use and about half of that using the SunRay Adapter stand the jack was just plain worn out.
    Well, I don't know if the Radio Shack replacements were not as sturdy, but they did work but the 1/8 inch plugs on both my Grey Ghosts headphones and the adapter I used also did not seem to make a tight connection and would pull out too easily while hunting in the woods.

    So, decided with the XS being so old and beat up that I had nothing to lose by trying to somehow mount an external 1/4" plug receptacle on the externally and not be in the road of swinging, switching arms, and putting down on the ground while I dig.

    Since the original arm cuffs by ML really were a brittle piece of plastic, I modified my arm cuff back in 2002 using PVC pipe, that was suggested on another forum eons ago. THAT is my original piece I installed in 2002 and has been one great simple, cheap modification to do. I used the arm cuff as my mounting place for the 1/4" jack receptacle, I decided where it is mounted it does not interfere with any of my concerned situations and after using the detector in heavy brush since the modification, I can say it was the right location.........

    I only bought the stereo Jack at Radio Shack, I used an existing bracket I had in one of my junk drawers, hot glue, and an old plastic film canister that I cut to fit around the receptacle after I was done installing it. I sealed all wires and the film canister with hot glue and all is very secure.

    Now I hope this XS last another 5 years This 2000 model XS has been outstanding and has never gone bonkers electronically and was only sent back to ML in 2001 when they were replacing the housings that were cracking at the latch area.......... One great detector!!

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