Minelab xTerra 70 search coil recommendation request
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    Minelab xTerra 70 search coil recommendation request

    Been looking to get a better search coil on my detector. I've seen the 10.5 DD coil marketed at a few places but the frequencies have been listed variously at 18.75 kHz and 7.5 kHz. I assume the higher frequency allows some pretty good penetration/detection but what is real deal? I have a place I hunt with a lot of leaf debris for a few hundred years so I'm sure the good stuff is really deep. What would be the better of the 2 since they are both priced about the same. Thanks for any insight any of you can provide.

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    Re: Minelab xTerra 70 search coil recommendation request

    I will be buying a new coil for my Minelab 705 too. I am not sure if I want the 10.5" DD in 7.5 kHz or the 9" 3 kHz. I hunt alot of open fields and want more depth.

    I will be watching this post for opinions too.


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    Re: Minelab xTerra 70 search coil recommendation request

    Had the 10.5 MF, it works great, very good depth, 12 inches on a quarter in my mild soil easy. Got rid of it, as I like the 6"DD HF the best for old colonial sites and the 300 years of trash that goes with them, it really seperates well and has very good depth for its size, 6"-8" on a dime is consistant here. That being said, I have a 10.5 HF DD on order. I have a 275 year old site that has produced very well in the past and its time to get serious, and get all the metal out of the ground that I know is hiding some good finds. The only trash at this place is 275 year old trash. Best of luck,HH

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    Re: Minelab xTerra 70 search coil recommendation request

    I have the 10.5 DD Med freq along with the 6" HF and stock coil. I also had the 3khz but traded it off because most of the places I hunt are fairly mineralized and the DD works so much better in the hotter ground. The 10.5 HF coil will be a little better for hitting on gold than the 7.5 but either coil will find you deep coins. Just be prepared for the extra weight as that 10.5 is a heavy sucker.

    The 6" HF coil is a beauty. Excellent at target seperation and pretty darn deep as well. I pulled a token at 9" with that coil running it wide open in all metal in the woods.

    I'll shoot you a pm with some good info on the coil choices.


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    Re: Minelab xTerra 70 search coil recommendation request

    The lower the frequency the deeper the coil goes, but not good for small targets. The higher frequency coils are for hunting small shallow targets. The concentric standard coil provided with the machine is very lacking in coverage and performance.You are far better off using a DD coil. What frequency depends on what you are hunting!seeya Neilo
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