Need some feedback (Advice and/or Experience) on the coiltek Platypus coil
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    Feb 2008
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    Need some feedback (Advice and/or Experience) on the coiltek Platypus coil

    Was looking on-line today and came across the Andy Sabisch review of the coil in 2005. Has anyone been using this coil with the Quattro? What about the Explorer SE? I would very much appreciate any advice on this coil and experiences people have had with it hunting on the beach? and regular land hunting (coinshooting/relic)? Lastly, and most importantly is it worth it? I have the 8" and 10.5 Minelab coils with the unit I have coming to me.
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    Aug 2005
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    Re: Need some feedback (Advice and/or Experience) on the coiltek Platypus coil

    Hi I have been using the platypus coil for about three years. I would highly recommend this coil over the standard coil. You will find it is much easier to pin point and the signals come through sharper than the standard coil. Being narrower in shape than the standard coil allows you to get into cramped spaces plus also helps to seperate signals in rubbish filled areas. The coil is mounted centrally, this is much better than the standard coil which is front heavy. There is also a definite depth advantage and being longer than the standard coil does cover slightly more ground with each swing. Pin pointing with this coil is very accurate and can be acheived in two ways in pin point mode by simply swing across the target twice forming a cross, and the target is directly under the centre of the coil or simply swing the coil repeatedly over the target gradually bringing the coil backwards, when the signal stops the target is directly at the front centre of the coil.
    I have other coils for my machine including the 15inch but I dont use them. The platypus is my favourite and I will not part with it, seeya Good hunting Neilo
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    Apr 2006
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    Re: Need some feedback (Advice and/or Experience) on the coiltek Platypus coil

    I have the SE and use the platypus coil this coil reads so much better than the stock 10.5 i cant belive how sensitive this coil is i think it should come from minelab with this coil, i am finding coins and ring and all sorts of things i mist with the stock coil i found a 1936 walking half that sounded like iron with the stock 10.5 coil i am so happy i spent 210.00 $ for this coil, and i also got the big 15" WOTTTTTTTTTTTTT coil boy that coil works real good for Fields and big open parks anther good investment

    happy hunting.

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    May 2007
    Trinidad, Colorado
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    Re: Need some feedback (Advice and/or Experience) on the coiltek Platypus coil

    I too own two SEs and have the 8.5 x 11 Platypus coil made by Coiltek. I like the coil even though I think it's still a little pricey. It is sensitive; it does pinpoint well and, it's pretty. But, the depth I've experienced has been no better than the Slimline 10.5 Minelab coil. In fact, maybe less.

    Questions are;
    Do you really need the Platypus coil? Can you live without the Platypus coil?
    No & yes is my honest opinion. You'd spend your money more wisely purchasing an Excelerator 10x12; it's awesome.




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