Looking for a site along I-10 for a quick hunt
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    Question Looking for a site along I-10 for a quick hunt


    I'm going to be traveling to Pensacola, Florida the week of March 13th and I wanted to stop somewhere along the I-10 corridor so I can "check off" Mississippi on the list of states I've hunted. Can anyone recommend a small town or park or beach area that is known to be friendly to metal detecting? Prefer something within 30 minutes of I-10, since that is the route we're taking. I'm not looking to make the find of the century, just something I can stick in a display for Mississippi (for examples: I've hunted Fenway Park in Boston (1946 dime), a random Ice Cream joint in New Hampshire (keep a business card and stack of clad quarters), and a city park in Maine.(took a picture of me with my stack of clad next to a "Welcome to City X" sign).

    I know there is a lot of federal wildlife land in the area, and I want to be sure I am not hunting in them.



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    If you are going I-10 you are within 30 minutes of the beach in Hancock, Harrison, or Jackson counties (3 coastal counties going from west to east).
    I hit Long Beach's beach the other day, and came out with about $1.00 in clad, so don't be disappointed.
    Hurricane Katrina really devastated the coast in 2005.

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    Just West of the Hwy 49 interchange with I-10 there is a River that I have seen lot's of people swimming at during warm weather. These people actually park just off of the Interstate on the West bound side of I-10. I have not managed to hunt that area yet but plan on it sometime this year. I'm just guessing that like any beach area you might find something a swimmer lost and there is the potential for other finds as you never know what might have washed up on a sand bar... Regardless hope you have a safe trip and some great finds. Looking forward to hearing about the finds...
    Enjoy the natural treasures all around you while searching for the man made treasures you can cash in.



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