St. Louis City Parks
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    Jun 2013
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    St. Louis City Parks

    Hello! I'm fishing for first hand knowledge from those of you that have hunted these parks. Do park employees or police give you much grief when they see you out there? And secondly, do you use a trowel to dig with? I won't probe or pop out my finds. I'm not so interested in forest park and tower grove is off limits. Any info would be great. I'm just double-making-sure before I head in that direction.

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    I only tried STL parks once and had to many curious and somewhat shady dudes following me and watching me so i left. I live across the river in IL so i pretty much stay there.

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    Oct 2012
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    I used to detect at least once a week in Lafayette park back in the 90's, no one ever said anything. I found many coins. I live in Florida now so I'm not sure about current laws.


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    You can hunt all of them, but Tower Grove Park. It's a state park. Their starting to get picky in Forest Park.



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