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    Feb 2008

    Inherited banjo and fiddle(violin)

    I inherited two instruments years ago and was wondering if they have any value other than the memories of weekend picking in our back yard or at my Uncle's house. Those are priceless!!!

    I have looked on the internet but have discovered nothing about either one.

    Uncle's fiddle:

    has markings inside: Made in the peoples republic of China
    and there is a stamp/marking I believe has the following letters HSINGHAF
    and a set of numbers

    Grandfathers banjo:
    four string with a skin drum with 39 clips/screw attachments
    on the top of the handle of the banjo it looks to have some type of stamp or mark really can not
    make it out, may be a spade symbol
    the four string holder knobs have pat.may,8,88
    there is another knob down about 8 inches from the top that the knob say USA patent pend. Grover
    My grandfather was born in 1895 and passed away 1996 he had stated that this was a used
    banjo when he got it so I know the 88 is (1888) he had had it since approximately 1901-1903 he got it
    as a child from his father who was born 1865

    If photos are needed I can post

    Any help or suggest of where to look is greatly appreciated

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    Nov 2005
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    Re: Inherited banjo and fiddle(violin)

    Banjo sounds interesting. Pictures would be nice.

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    Jan 2014
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    A picture of the banjo will help a lot.

    One thing, you said it has a "knob" about 8" down from the headstock. That sounds like a fifth string tuning peg, in which case you would have a five string banjo with only four strings presently installed.

    Grover tuners have been used on several brands of banjos as well as homemade ones.
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    Old relics are easy to find. I find one in the mirror every time I look there.



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