Brand New MX Sport defect returning to Whites
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    Brand New MX Sport defect returning to Whites

    Really pissed with my new MX Sport detector!
    I researched for this detector for months and right away first time out the detector would shut itself off when I was swinging it. I am a seasoned veteran so I know what i'm doing and it happened each of its six first trial hunts and today I called Whites, it would shut off 3,4,5, times so I called Whites and the girl was friendly and sweet on the phone but told me send it back for repairs! and they wanted ME to pay shipping!
    This detector should never have left their building and obviously was never tested. After cooling off I called back and convinced them to email me a return shipping label to send it back, gee thanks.
    I'm really disappointed after all the great reviews on this detector "now I get to own a brand new defect refurbished model I saved years to own".
    What a let down and will see what happens when I get it back!
    Very disappointing after hearing all the great reviews

    Good news today! I was not happy at all with the girl at White's saying they were going to repair my brand new detector so today I called and talked to Jack and said no on the repair and they will send me a brand new detector out today and not try to fix a detector that was bad from the start.
    Thank you Jack!
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    Please give a follow up on this......
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    i have 2 mx sports. not 2 pleased first one after 1 summer it leaked and dealer did replace no questions. so on the 2nd one it lasted about 2 weeks when the whole display came off handle due to the small screws that secure it. Now i have found some good relics with but i have had the AT MAX for about a month and wish i would have started with it. The MAX is MUCH better and clearer on hitting bullets than the mx sport will ever be



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