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    the best find

    I take out on public court our history and photos As I the story-teller not so, I have asked to describe our history of one of participants of events, "the Great interpreter of the globe", full member Belarusky Geographical Obshchestva Jarotova Alexey Evgenevicha.

    Search in decades.

    All this history in which we were lucky to participate, has begun for Christmas of 2002, when we: the company in Alexey and Jeanne and Alexander Shukana's structure Jarotovyh have arrived to look at sights of a place of Ivenets. It is necessary to notice that, the small town this Volmjanochke located on a rivulet possesses uneasy and enough ancient biography. Us interested: history of an ancient trading place based in the fourteenth century and well-known for the original ceramics already some honeycombs of years, a monastery of Franciscans with Michael Arhangela's church (1745г.) constructed on a place before existing wooden, sacred Alexey's church of 20th century.
    The destiny has prepared for us a meeting with very purposeful person the house-keeper of a monastery and парафии father Lehom Bohanekom. In conversation with it we have learned about existence of a local legend. Under stories of local residents, rather however, inconsistent knew father Lehu about stories occurred in days of the Second World War which it in private conversation and has told us. In 1943 the German authorities have decided to confiscate bells local парафиального Michael Arhangela's church for sending to Germany on a meltdown. However in the morning of a bell and among them the biggest and heavy have disappeared, as if them never was. The story has found a fertile field, we were interested in similar stories, and besides process has got unexpected support from Jeanne Jarotovoj, after all our son Charles professed Catholicism and wanted to become the Catholic priest. In the summer 2002 – 2003 we Alexey Jarotov and Alexander Shukan by means of an ordinary army mine detector began to examine and investigate places where under stories of local residents told to us father Lehom the bell should be hidden. Detection of a large quantity of scraps and ferrous metal fragments among which it was possible to name a historical find lots of shod nails from the monastic gate burned in an operating time in territory and in a building of a church and a monastery of branch of the Minsk motor factory became result. In parallel there was a gathering of the information by the prior at which the desire to find a bell became the basic idea. Poll of inhabitants and the witnesses living abroad, has shown that the bases to think that the bell has been found, a command of workers of factory which throughout several years dug out territory of a monastery and a church in search of treasures, no.
    Serious investigation have spent together with members of a geographical society of Belarus of Slivko S.P. and Terskih A.V. in the summer of 2004, representatives энерго have been thus invited - and heating systems, the instrument base has been provided by means of a member of a geographical society of businessman Mishchenko Alexander (Open Company "¼ÑÔá½á»«Þ&#210 ;¬", Skarbashukaln_k) given металлодетекторы XLT and Explorer 2. But work of devices of such class was reduced to zero result. The layer of metal shavings and copper scraps (search was conducted during works on a roof covering) created the screen. And only загрубив sensitivity routes of an electrocable and heating systems have started to appear. Novices helped to dig шурфы in those places where the signal gave though any preconditions to a find. The first time heart has missed a bit in fifteen meters from a transformer box opposite to a monastery – an accurate background in radius about meter and on depth about meter and there and then in шурфе disappointment enormous алюмининиевая quite modern pig.
    There was a thought at which have guided stories of local residents, whether instead of скатили the bell to урезу waters or in a river Volmjanochki channel which proceeds in fifty meters from a church. For an exception of this variant the hundred-meter site of river bank and a slope костельного a court yard in the west from a monastery has been checked up. Result was the find on meter depth of the tank accumulator concreted in a meter block to whom and what for it was required and remains secret. Gradually search was displaced all more close to the western tower of a church as it became known from stories of father Leha that the bell was weight about ton and such weight of metal couldn't move far from a belfry. Business became complicated that all signals coincided with an arrangement of heating systems, according to their employees. Even the signal around a tower has been established, however employees have specified in presence of pipes in this place as however, then and it has appeared.
    In the summer of 2005 father Leh didn't wish to reconcile to hope loss to find a bell and constantly bothered me, and I in turn bothered, with idea which we have stated Sashu Mishchenko to father Lehu during the last in 2004 of the search which has not given result. To apply to bell search глубинник Fisher Dzhemini 3. Alexander has responded willingly, search with Dzhemini has brought one positive signal around the western tower and a metal large quantity on complex territories, however a place of a good signal didn't dig, because according to father Leha there there passed the big sewer pipe. In parallel with XLT one of members of a geographical society Andrey Petrov (Казакъ), but also its diligence that haven't brought was engaged in investigation. Within a year I with device Minelab the musketeer investigated monastery territory that as hasn't given result. It is interesting that during searches it has not been found any artifact.
    We have suggested the father to be engaged in check with the help щупа in a perspective place. During holiday we with device X-TERRA-50 have decided to investigate that place, area of the western tower where last year Dzhemeni 3 has given an accurate signal and on our estimations there were all preconditions to find out a bell. July, fourth, 2006, the device has shown a signal 45 - nonferrous metal, щуп has confirmed presence of large object, have dug through about semimeter of centimeters a signal – OL that means presence of the big weight of metal. At blow щупом the rumble, some more movements by a shovel was distributed and the green side of a bell has seemed. The bell lay on one side at the basis of a belltower on depth of 1,2 meters, practically in meter from it there passed a water drain pipe. Simply it was not believed that we have found a bell, all who were in a monastery, have run together to look at the green side which was seen from the earth. The small group of coals in a bell has confirmed our version that dug in a bell secretly. We didn't expect to find such huge bell in weight about 1200 kg perfectly safe with the remained inscriptions about a bell donation in 1935 officers and soldiers of the case of the Polish boundary guards in Iventse. In general, our efforts and persistence of father Leha have been rewarded, on September, 29th, 2006 at date of Michael Arhangela the bell has taken the place on a church belltower.
    The full member of the geographical
    Societies of RB Jarotov And.

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    May 2012
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    !Here this church in it now also weighs a bell

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    Fantastic story, I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for posting it!


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    ''A treasure refound'' Congratulations!

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