My Gold Coin Collection
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Thread: My Gold Coin Collection

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    Feb 2014
    250 times

    My Gold Coin Collection

    Tell me any advice on the film, or any comments. Thank You

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    Jan 2005
    Choctaw Beach Florida
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    Nice, someone likes you very much . I have dug over 40 gold rings but 0 gold coins.. Big on my wish list.
    God and country.

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    Thank you watch the video three of them I found while detecting

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    I appreciate comments

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    Dec 2012
    MXT-PRO Sandshark
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    I guess so since you bumped all your threads!! wow not seeking attention are ya?

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    I decided to bump up threads for questions to be answered. I stated that in a different thread there is no rule on treasure net about bumping up your threads. This is the last time I am bumping up old threads!

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    This thread isn't even bumped up this is a NEW thread and this is the last time I am bumping up old threads.

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    Old Tom Cat.

    Jan 2013
    N.of , I-285...GA
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    Nice Coins, Esp,the Dug Ones.
    I prefer Pictures tho , your no Spielberg LOL.
    As I am finding , In life we begin having the Blissful happiness & the Wonder & innocence of a Child, then fall Quickly, then spend the rest of our lives trying to reach that point where we began ,through Pleasure , Fame, & Materials but Only 'Through true faith in Jesus , can we find Prefect Happiness or true Meaning in our Short lives on this Beautiful Earth filled with both the Light of Pure goodness & The Darkness of Pure Evil. D.

    That Said, I judge No Man.

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    I'll post pics later

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    That applied for the old threads My Gold Coin Collection is a very new thread

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    Jul 2006
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    Last warning....

    TreasureNet has NO rule on posting on old threads as long as it pertains to the original post. Any more harressment of jolteon or any member for posting on older threads will be considered as attacking member and treated as such. If some members don't like someone posting on an old thread then DONT READ IT...
    Last edited by Treasure_Hunter; Dec 12, 2014 at 04:27 PM.

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    Thank You Treasure Hunter

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    Feb 2013
    I’ve used about all modern ones but right now: CTX 3030, Nokta Anfibio, Equinox, Vaquero, White’s TRX
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    That video was dark and hard to see. I am glad you captioned your finds though. Neat stuff!

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    Feb 2014
    250 times
    Thank you Pointman

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    Dec 2008
    St. Augustine, FL
    1994 times
    I watched your video, but would rather see pictures. From what I can see, you have some very desirable coins worth more than just gold scrap. I would like to see detailed photos of the California gold piece and your Indian Princess dollars.

    I will say that most forum members would rather see photos than video. Perhaps it is a generational thing. But I never watch videos. I made an exception for yours as I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about. Most videos are not well done. And when it comes to attention spans of your audience, most just want to see the goods and not sit through 3+ minutes of shaky video. In addition, there are many including myself that browse the interweb with their speakers muted. So to sit through 3+ minutes of shaky silent video is even more of a disincentive.


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