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    Sep 2007
    So. Cali
    Well,.Sometimes ?
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    Hi all ,
    Heres a lit' beauty I picked up today at work . Now, I'm going to call him [?] a her [?] as I find her just absolutely gorgeus !!
    She is a Califonia Mountain Kingsnake [Lampropeltis Zonata] . She isn't "rare" by any means ,.. but I'm going on my third summer on this large prim habitat property ,.. and she is my first !!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    She was a class act all the way,..and stayed cool calm & collected as I showed her to many "co-workers". May I digress.....
    Her color patern is to mimic the Coral Snake ,.which is venomous . And the funny thing about that is ,.there are no coral snakes around here [Mnts of So. Cali ] . I'll digress even more ,..; Red on yellow kill a fellow [Coral Snake],.. Red on black freind of Jack [Kingsnake]
    Anyway,...Many workers here are from Mexico and Guatemala ,where they do have Coral Snakes . They are dispached as quickly as any ol' buzz-tail ever was . Anyway, my spanglish is well O.K. and they seem to understand ,.. but old habits ??

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    Before I took her back home ,. I made afew stops for pic's , mossy rocks ,ceder tree etc,...the camera just loved her

    Well,..one down for the bucket list ! ,..Blindpig
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    Jan 2008
    Prestonsburg, KY
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    Beautiful snake. I always enjoy walking around exploring the woods.

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    Sep 2007
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    Arizona King Snake

    Photograph taken near Flagstaff, Arizona.
    He was about 2' long.

    Also known as a Sonora King Snake, Mountain King Snake, or
    Scarlet King Snake, and they are found in many parts of the US.

    I saw one many years ago near Big Sur, Monterey, California.

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    May 2005
    Northern California
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    Purdy snake! Did you keep it or let it go? Just curious.
    Banking off a Northeast wind, sailin' on a summer breeze

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    Sep 2007
    So. Cali
    Well,.Sometimes ?
    113 times
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mrtim ,..Yesssss ,.nice to take a differant path ,..every now & then

    William Boyd ,. nice ! been on the look out for near 3 yrs ,. always move'n equipment up & down are rd. ,. many "hot" spots where they should be,.... sometimes luck will just cross your path ,. out of the blue .

    Packerbacker . funny name there .. I put her back where hence she came ,. infact the first pic was my last, I layed her back down right there ,..
    But this is in Riverside Co. and legal to take up to two per day ,.. good luck with that ,...I feel lucky find'n one in 3 yr's
    thanks again ,.Joel

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    Jan 2009
    South East Tennessee on Ga, Ala line
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    What a regal snake. We have the King snake and the queen snake here. They feed on copper heads and timber rattlers and are immune to the venom and a constrictor. But sir that snake is beautiful. Thank you for putting it back. The mexicans here kill every snake they see but do eat the rattlers which we have many.

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    Jul 2012
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    Really nice snake. So many people don't understand snakes and are terrified of them. I've had people want to show me a common garter snake they have killed. Sorry, I'd rather see it alive.

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    Sep 2007
    So. Cali
    Well,.Sometimes ?
    113 times
    Well, Well ,..TnMnt's how ya doing !! I saw your fine little Clovis point made it back on top of the board in the AIA forum ,.. but havn't seen any resent finds of yours there of late ?? Hope your still get'n out ,..from time to time ?? I myself been real busy with the new house & work ,.a good thing , but in time,. I'll get to look'n again ..
    Hi there Digging -everything ,. and welcome to T-net ,.have to agree ,. for heaven snakes ,.so many peaple,. I don't understand ??

    O.k. heres another snake ,. this one at my place . Anyway last sunday this little bird was hopping from rock to rock flap'n it's wings and making quite a fuss ,. I figured there was a snake lurk'n about,..

    It was a California Kingsnake ,.which is nothing more then a Common Kingsnake that resides in California . But out here in Cali ,.everyone has to be "special" but yet labeled ?? Anyway the Common / Cali Kingsnake color pattern is banded white on black [cream/ choc. brown] ,..typically. There are exceptions ,.and Cali has a label for 'em all !! Had a look at a web site ,. lots of pic's of Cali Kingsnakes , .banded,. and the commmon striped ones ,. my favorite the chain link ,. but then there were more label & pic's like the partially striped ,scrambled banded , speckled morph ,.bloched morph ,.etc .. Well , the best I can assume ,. this fella here is a Partially striped & bloched morph Mutant ,..he's very "special" .
    Thanks , ..I'm feel'n special now ,....Blindpig ..
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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