Definitely some Fungus Among Us today
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Thread: Definitely some Fungus Among Us today

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    Definitely some Fungus Among Us today

    Love these orange ones .. have no idea what they are.
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    I think the orange one is " Chicken of the woods "....A lot of info if you google it.
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    Sure looks like chicken of the woods to me. If confirmed, the tender edges are delicious when sautéed in butter.

    Kindest regards,
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    Those things are always fun to see. I know only two. The morels and the funny ones that grow in my cow Great photography!
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    Cool photos!
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    It's amazing what nature can grow...

    There's gotta be a hundred different types of those fungi growing
    in our local forests (like my Next time I head up to
    the hills I'll be sure and snap a few pics of some.
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    digger indian

    Jul 2013
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    Yep chicken of the woods, also known as sulfer shelf, delicious, the second looks like hen of the woods also a delicacy

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    Chicken of the woods, more specifically called the "spring chicken" variety. Name means jack all except it is more prevalent in spring time, but can be found throughout the summer as well. Good eating right there, but you have to be careful what species of tree it is harvested from. One of the more delicious and meaty mushrooms out there.



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